It was the year 2019, I stumbled on a blog post about making money online while searching on Google for answers to some queries. I thought to myself that I was going to give some of these ideas a try. Yes, I indeed made some money for what it’s worth, and that was precursory to what would later become Centopedia

Who am I?

My name is Ralph Esan, and I’m the face behind Centopedia.

How did I come about Centopedia?

We’re getting to that…

Days went by, turned into weeks, and then months… At some point, I learned there was something called blogging, but I had no clue how to go about it. I had no technical skills and knew nothing about web hosting or blogging, but I knew I could write and I was going to give it a try. That decision to give it a try gave birth to bucksmaps.com, which later metamorphosed into Centopedia that you are on right now.

Originally, the idea with bucksmaps was just a way to document my journey into online moneymaking and nothing more, but at some point, I realized it didn’t have to end there. I could make this blog about MONEY and not necessarily making money online. I could publish content on finance, economics, business, real estate, etc., so I rebranded Bucksmaps to Centopedia.

Breaking Down the Word Centopedia

Centopedia is simply a combination of 2 words: Cent and Pedia. A Cent is the smallest unit of the United States currency and Pedia is from the word encyclopedia which means relating to knowledge or learning. In essence, Centopedia means an encyclopedia for money-related matters.

Now, you have an understanding of what Centopedia is all about.

Centopedia will not stop at just publishing content, we will innovate and expand to enrich the lives of our esteemed readers in every way we can. Centopedia is beyond Ralph Esan now; it’s for everyone, both the readers and the writers alike. On behalf of everyone at Centopedia, I welcome you to the family.

Rooting for ya…


Ralph Esan

PS: Centopedia is a member of Grey Orb Digital Publishing Family.