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One of the major cryptocurrency heists that happened recently could leave anyone in shock. $600 million is no joke. Events like that prove to us beyond an iota of doubt that blockchain technology is far from being perfect and users and stakeholders should do their best to keep their assets safe.

Maybe you’ve heard countless stories about users complaining about having their crypto wallets hacked. These stories aren’t always far-fetched; they are mostly true. How do these things happen? Could it be the crypto wallets these users were using at the time of the hacks? Is there anything like the best crypto wallets that are formidable against such attacks? Read on to find out.

Securing our crypto assets is a personal responsibility and we are here to help you achieve that. For this reason, we will be taking a look at the best crypto wallets that are tested and trusted to keep your assets safe. Our criteria for selecting the crypto wallets that make this list are based on user reviews, features, and expert opinions.

So, which are the best crypto wallets that made our list? Our list might surprise you because some of the big names in crypto won’t be here. We place user experience above popularity or influence, and we have carefully reviewed over fifty wallets to narrow them down to the few that made our list of the best crypto wallets from reputable developers.

Crypto wallets are divided into two broad categories: Hot and Cold Wallets. This post will be based on the best hot wallets available to crypto users right now. You can read our review of the best hardware wallets here.

So, Which Wallets Are the Best Crypto Wallets Available Right Now?

We are going to split this into two groups: multi-chain and single-chain wallets. Some of these wallets run on a single platform or operating system, while others are cross-platform. We will note these nuances in the sections presented below.

Multi-chain Wallets

Here are the best multi-chain crypto wallets:

#1. Exodus

Best Crypto Wallet Exodus

The first thing you would fall in love with about Exodus is the clean and beautiful UI. Exodus is intelligently and beautifully crafted with a focus on usability and security.
Exodus has been around since 2015, and it supports several blockchains and crypto-assets. Exodus supports chains like Fantom Opera, Filecoin, ANKR, Ethereum, and Bitcoin. Exodus is one of the most secure crypto wallets that are available on both mobile and desktop platforms.
Exodus wallet combines both world-class design and engineering to give you a wallet that safely stores and manages your crypto assets. It also makes it easy for you to track your portfolio and its performance over time with its stunning and intuitive charts, so you can keep up with the markets.
Some of the cool features that Exodus boasts of are an easy-to-manage portfolio, devices synchronization, notifications, passcode protection, built-in exchange, and more.

Platforms: Desktop and Mobile

Price: Free

1. Easy to use for beginners
2. One of the most secure hot wallets in the market.
3. Exodus is free to use.
4. Multi-chain, multi-platform, and multi-OS.
5. Connects directly with the very popular Trezor hardware wallet.
6. Synchronizes flawlessly on both desktop and mobile platforms.

1. No built-in Dapps browser.
2. Some users complain of high exchange fees at times.

#2. Guarda

Best Crypto Wallet Guarda

Guarda is another widely loved wallet among crypto users. It is widely agreed to be one of the best crypto wallets for years now.

It sports a sleek interface that might make you fall in love at first sight. It’s been widely praised as being secure, simple to use, and fast for transacting. You can buy crypto directly on the app with a credit card if you are new to crypto.

It’s worth mentioning that Guarda integrates with Simplex to make enable the purchase of crypto with a credit card. Some of the features that make Guarda a secure and one of the best crypto wallets are login session timeout, fingerprint authentication, and access passcode. Guarda backs up your wallet with Keystore files encrypted with your password.

Platforms: Desktop, Web, Mobile & Chrome Extension.

Price: Free

1. Guarda takes security seriously.
2. Newbie friendly.
3. Has a clean UI and is easy to use.
4. You can buy crypto with fiat in your wallet.
5. Cross-platform and device

1. No seed phrase importation for multi-chain wallets.
2. No DApps browser.

#3. SafePal

SafePal Best Crypto Wallet

SafePal is a cryptocurrency wallet that launched in 2018 but saw an unprecedented level of success and acceptance in 2020 and 2021. SafePal launched some campaigns that brought the company and its products to the limelight. As a result of this, the adoption of SafePal products is now massive and pretty impressive.

SafePal manufactures sleek and secure hardware crypto wallets like the SafePal S1 which is popular in crypto-circles these days and a favorite of many. Safepal has a mobile app, which is what we’ll be looking at in this part of our review of the best crypto wallets in the market today.

Although the interface of SafePal isn’t all that simple or minimalistic, it still boasts of incredible features that will endear you to this little app. For starters, SafePal supports over 10000 cryptocurrencies, is decentralized, and it’s compatible with the official SafePal Crypto hardware which is built by top security architects in the blockchain industry.

SafePal is frequently updated and very versatile as a crypto wallet. SafePal, even though beginner-friendly, is more suitable for advanced crypto heads.

Also, SafePal has its popular flagship hardware wallet (as pictured below), the SafePal S1. The SafePal S1 works & integrates smoothly with the mobile app, and you can grab it at a limited-time discounted price right here.


Platforms: Mobile

Price: Free

Some of the notable features that propelled SafePal into our list of best crypto wallets
1. Extensive configuration option.
2. Multi-wallet and multi-chain support.
3. Real-time crypto price tracking and market analysis.
4. A DApps tab where you can interact with the top decentralized applications in a multi-chain ecosystem.
5. Easy access to top-tier crypto analysis and tracking tools, blockchain scanners, etc.
6. An inbuilt crypto exchange.
7. A seamless integration with Binance exchange.

#4. Trust Wallet

Best Crypto Wallet: Trust Wallet

Can we talk about the Binance crypto exchange without mentioning Binance’s Trustwallet? No, that’s very unlikely. TrustWallet makes our list of the best crypto wallets because you can’t just take it out of the Binance equation. It is the official recommended wallet of the Binance smart chain.

Although TrustWallet operates autonomously even after Binance acquires it from Viktor Radchenko, the founder of Trust Wallet, we still can’t take away the fact Trust Wallet is now integrated into the Binance ecosystem in ways we cannot ignore.

TrustWallet is one the easiest-to-use crypto wallets out there, and I dare say one of the most popular, all thanks to Binance’s marketing prowess and reach.

Platform: Mobile

Price: Free

1. TrustWallet is one of the most beginner-friendly and easiest-to-use wallets out there.
2. It integrates with Binance in ways that make managing assets on the Binance Smart Chain a smooth experience.
3. DApps browser integration.
4. DEX integration.
5. Straightforward token and coin search functionality.
6. Multi-wallet support.
7. Push notifications and price alerts
8. Easy configuration and customization.
9. Dark mode and light mode theme switch.

1. Minor bugs regarding transaction executions.
2. Reports of Uniswap connection failure by users.
3. Some users complain it’s unintuitive although we found the opposite to be true.


#5. Coinomi

Best crypto wallet Coinomi

Next up in our list of the best crypto wallets is none other than the widely praised and loved Coinomi crypto wallet.

Apart from the fact that you access your crypto on blockchains with Coinomi, you can also buy Crypto and gift cars worldwide. Coinomi integrates with payment services like Bidali and Simplex to make this possible.

Coinomi has features like DApps browser, light and dark modes, screen lock, address book, etc. There are even more advanced features like setting your Bitcoin custom node, supports native SegWit (bech32) addresses, nested SegWit addresses (P2SH), and Bitcoin Legacy addresses (P2pKH). Coinomi does not support Binance Smart Chain.

Platforms: Desktop and Mobile

Price: Free

1. Beginner-friendly and easy to use.
2. Responsive live chat support available in-app.
3. Provides tutorials in the knowledge base archive.
4. Has a DApps browser.
5. You can purchase crypto with a credit card, which is good for beginners.

1. Some users complain about high transaction fees charged by Simplex on purchases of crypto with credit cards.
2. No crypto price charts like you have in some wallets.
3. Minor bugs reported by users.

#6.  Atomic Wallet

best Crypto Wallet Atomic Wallet

Atomic wallet is a multichain wallet and is also one of the users’ favorites as evident in the number of downloads on Playstore alone. Although this isn’t enough reason to rate Atomic wallet as one of the best crypto wallets, it’s still a factor to consider.

Atomic wallet has over a million downloads with mostly favorable reviews from users. It is a multi-chain and multi-platform wallet’ which means you can store different crypto assets with this wallet, either on your PC or on your mobile phone. Some of the blockchains supported by Atomic wallet include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron, EOS, Ripple, etc.

Platforms: Desktop and Mobile

Price: Free

1. Integrated exchange for buying Bitcoin, Ether, and Ripple with credit and debit cards.
2. Instant exchange for swapping coins provided by ChangeNow.
3. Option to stake and earn in the app.
4. Cashback program for holders of AWC.
5. Live support available in-app.

1. Bugs regarding XMR blockchain and SOL staking while writing this.
2. Some users complain about slow speed in updating their assets
3. Wrong prices for some ERC-20 tokens.

#7. Metamask

Best crypto wallet metamask

Metamask is one of the most popular and the best crypto wallets out there. Metamask was originally a Chrome extension to create a wallet inside Chrome that allows you to interact with web3 applications and systems.

Metamask is one of the most customizable wallets out there because you can add custom networks by inputting the correct configuration parameters for that network. Being a hot wallet, Metamask is relatively safe as far as hot wallets are concerned.

You have to take precautions as a user to not expose your assets to theft or incur losses due to ignorance or negligence. To ensure a high level of security or safety of your crypto assets, you can try creating a separate account for every token or coin of value in your wallet. Metamask and some other wallets on this list support that.

Metamask has an in-wallet swap feature that allows you to swap one token or coin for another in Metamask. This checks for prices across several DEXes and tries to find you the best price and slippage. Of course, other features make Metamask one of the most popular wallets. All in all, Metamask is a great wallet in your browser and as a mobile app.

Platforms: Chrome Extension and Mobile.

Price: Free

1. Highly customizable for advanced users.
2. Makes in-browser web3 interactions effortless.
3. Easy to navigate for both beginners and advanced crypto users.
4. Tutorials abound on using Metamask for noobs.
5. You can set up custom networks as you please.
6. In-app swap feature available.

1. Complaints of bugs by users.
2. No active support as some other wallets.
3. Users complain about the mobile app being sluggish at times.


Single-chain Wallets:

Single-chain wallets are wallets that support a single blockchain, and below are the ones that made our list.

#8. MyEtherWallet

MEW Best Crypto Wallet for Ethereum

MyEtherWallet proudly touts itself as your gateway to the Ethereum blockchain, and this isn’t a stretch of the truth by any means.
In a way, you could say MyEtherWallet with the acronym MEW is the most trusted Ethereum wallet. MEW is quite popular among Ethereum users and a favorite of many of them. Although MEW is a single chain wallet for holding Ether and other ERC-20 tokens, It still is very much loved by crypto enthusiasts.

Founded in the year 2015, MyEtherWallet first operated as a web interface to connect and interact with the Ethereum blockchain and the DApps that run on it. What this means is that MyEtherWallet is accessible through your web browser and also has a chrome extension. In October 2019, MEW discontinued their VinntageMEW site making room for the new myetherwallet.com website they currently run on.

Some of the features that make MEW a favorite of ours and many Ether and ERC-20 tokens holders are its simple-to-use interface, its partnership with Bity, Kyber Network, Changelly, and Simplex to allow its users to swap fiat to crypto, cross-platform availability, and dedication to security. We couldn’t agree more that MEW is one of the best crypto wallets available for the Ethereum blockchain, and it made it to our list.

Platforms: Web and Mobile

Price: Free

1. Cross-platform availability.
2. Beginner-friendly and simple to use.
3. Thoughtful UI design.
4. Integration with third-party services for buying crypto with fiat.
5. In-wallet integrated swap.
6. Extended features available on MEW web.

1. Users complain about the difficulty in buying crypto with Simplex.
2. Some users complain about mobile app crashes (although we didn’t experience this).

#9. Pi Browser

Best crypto wallets Pi browser

Pi Brower is the official wallet and DApps browser from Pi. It’s one of the most downloaded wallets on mobile app stores. Although Pi hasn’t reached the mainnet phase, the wallet has been rolled out for testing on the testnet to fix issues that are reported to have a wallet that is stable and ready by the time the mainnet is launched.

There isn’t much to say about the Pi Browser right now because it’s not a finished product; however, if you’ve been mining Pi, then you might want to download the wallet and familiarize yourself with it.  You can find out more about Pi, or simply start mining Pi if you are not doing so already.
Platform: Mobile
Price: Free
1. Beginner-friendly.
2. DApps supported.
3. Innovative and accessible.

1. App is still buggy.
2. Only working on the testnet as the mainnet is not yet functional.

#10. Natrium- NANO Wallet

Best crypto wallet Natrium

Natrium is a crypto wallet that was created to be used with the NANO cryptocurrency. Natrium lets you create a new NANO wallet or import an existing one and has been audited by Red4Sec, a security firm with extensive experience in blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Why do we consider Natrium one of the best crypto wallets? It’s because it’s so intuitive to use, takes security seriously, is lightweight, and very fast. All these factors propelled Natrium to our list of the best crypto wallets for NANO.

Platform: Mobile

Price: Free

1. Receive real-time notification when you receive NANO.
2. Load NANO from a paper wallet or seed phrase.
3. Personalization options with over 20 themes.
4. In-app support available.
5. An integrated address book.

1. Biometric login not working.
2. Delay in transactions (due to NANO blockchain being congested).
3. No swap or exchange functionality.


#11. Algorand Wallet

best crypto wallets algorand wallet

Algorand wallet is another beautifully designed wallet available for smartphones. The Algorand wallet is the official wallet of the Algorand blockchain, and it is meant for storing and accessing your Algos on the Algorand blockchain. Some of the features that make the Algorand wallet of our list are speed, aesthetically pleasing user interface, multi-account support, light and dark modes, etc.

Algorand wallet has an address book where you can add your contacts and their Algo addresses. About security, the Algorand wallet has options for face/touch ID and password lock. You can also access developer settings to set your wallet to communicate with mainnet or testnet nodes.

All in all, Algorand is one of the best crypto wallets available for a single blockchain (single-chain) out there.

Platforms: Mobile

Price: Free

1. Intuitive, clean, and easy to use design.
2. Integrated address book for sending Algos to contacts.
3. Efficient notification system.
4. Advanced developer options.
5. Option to switch between light and dark mode.

1. There are some bugs and glitches as reported by users although we encountered none.
2. Inconsistent USD value displayed for Algos sometimes.
3. Slow loading speed of balance experienced by some users.


#12. IoPay

Best crypto wallet IoPay

IoPay is a non-custodial wallet that is for managing your IOTX asset on the IoTeX blockchain that makes it to our list of the best crypto wallets. This may sound unfamiliar to some readers who had never heard about IoTeX until now.

Let me fill you in on the details.

IoteX is a blockchain-leveraged technology that seeks to facilitate communication between IoT devices and humans, hence creating an internet of trusted things (IoTT). Remember that blockchain is big on encryption and cryptography? This is what IoTeX is bringing to the world of the “internet of things”.

The goal is to create a blockchain that can securely and privately connect devices and facilitate interoperability and communication between these devices and human users. This communication is encrypted, decentralized, controlled by everyday people, and actively managed by node operators in the network. Let’s not digress too much; the point is IoPay is the wallet to store your IOTX, the native token of the IoTeX blockchain.

As IoTeX calls its infrastructure, it is the internet of trusted things. IoTex believes there will be more than 100 billion active smart devices in the world by 2030. Some of these devices will be blockchain-powered. They just created a blockchain for these blockchain-powered smart devices that will soon flood the markets. Some of these devices like the Ucam and the asset tracking device, Pebble, are now available.

IoTeX is a project with a bright future and it’s currently being traded on Changelly, Binance, Huobi, and Gate.io, just to name a few.

Platforms: Desktop and Mobile.

Price: Free

1. It is Secure, free, and regularly being improved upon by IoTeX.
2. It is available on different platforms both for desktop and mobile users.

1. Some users complain of bugs that hinder the un-staking of IOTX in their wallets.
2. It’s a single-chain wallet that is compatible with the IoTeX blockchain only.


Although we’ve presented the Centopedian Team picks of the best crypto wallets, you have to understand that you need to be proactive in keeping your crypto assets safe.

Always keep your Keystore file safe and secure on a device that is offline.  Never enter your seed phrase into forms or share with anybody.

Lastly, if you want maximum protection for your coins, consider getting a hardware wallet like the popular SafePal S1, or you should read our guide on the best crypto hardware wallets you can purchase.

That concludes our list of the best crypto wallets to securely manage your crypto assets in 2021.  Are there any of your favorite wallets that we missed? Comment in the box below, and we will check them out. Also, do you have any experience, be it positive or negative with the wallets reviewed in this post? We’d like to hear them too!

Till next time,


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