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They say good things come to he who waits and the patient dog eats the fattest bone. There’s a new development on the airdrop that Chainge Finance offered those who joined the waiting list and did the airdrop tasks before now. You can now claim your Chainge Finance CHNG tokens that you’ve accumulated during the airdrop event.
In case you weren’t aware of the first airdrop during the pre-launch phase, you can still make use of this link to claim 50 CHNG tokens right now. Don’t miss this opportunity if you missed the first one. Just like Revuto airdrop, which you can read more about here,Chainge Finance is one airdrop you should try not to miss!

Chainge Finance App Download: How to Claim your free CHNG tokens

To claim your free CHNG tokens, you are going to scan a QR code generated after logging into your wait-list account. For this reason, you will need two devices, one to log into your account and generate the QR code, and the other one to install the Chainge Finance app and scan the QR code. I hope that made sense!

If you only have one device, the workaround is to open your “wait-list” account in your smartphone browser, and then screenshot and save the QR code you generated, after that, you can import the picture of the QR code into the Chainge Finance app as explained below.

  1.  Download Chainge Finance mobile app and install it.
    Chainge Finance App Download 1
    Chainge Finance App Download
  2.  Visit the Chainge Finance website on your PC or on your smartphone browser and log in with the details you provided while joining the waiting list.
  3.  After logging into your account, look for a text that says “Waiting List” just below the app download links, then click on the drop-down arrow and select “Waiting-List” from the two options presented. Now, you will see a card that says “congratulations you now have access to the Chainge Finance App”; click on that card. Observe the arrow in the picture below to understand better.
    Chainge Finance App Download
    Chainge finance how to claim airdrop
  4. After clicking on “Easy Onboarding“, you will be taken to a page where you will verify the last 4 digits of the phone number you linked to your account so make sure you get this ready. The page looks like the screenshot below.
    Chainge Finance Airdrop: How to Claim
  5. After verifying your phone number, a QR code will be displayed. You can take a screenshot of the QR code is you are making use of a single device.
  6. Now, go back to the Chainge Finance app that you have installed and launch it.
  7. Click on the text that says “Continue with easy onboarding” just under “Start with Phone Number“.Chainge Finance App Download
  8. Now, the QR code scanner of the app will open up and you will be asked to scan the QR code you generated on your account page.
  9. Point the scanner to your QR code and scan it or click the import button to import the QR code from your gallery if you are making use of the screenshot method.
  10. Once your QR code is successfully scanned, set up a password for your wallet on the Chainge Finance App and you are ready to start using your brand new Chainge Finance wallet and mobile app.
  11. That is all you need to do to claim your free CHNG tokens that you acquired during the pre-launch phase.

Remember that you can still claim 50 CHNG tokens if you missed the first round of the Chainge Finance airdrop, but don’t waste time on this as it won’t be available for too long. Go here to claim your 50 CHNG Chainge Finance airdrop tokens instantly.

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