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Can you mine cryptocurrencies on your phone for free? The simple answer is YES, you can. There are cryptocurrencies you can mine on your phone with ease.

Now, should you mine crypto on your phone? Uhmmm… That’s not so easy to answer with a Yes or No, I’m afraid. It depends on whether it’s cloud mining or actual on-device mining.

Even if you have been a bystander watching the crypto bubbles and bursts over the years, one thing is certain now: cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are going nowhere. Crypto is here to stay; there is no denying that!

But, wait a minute… Why am I telling you all this?

I’ll tell you why. Trust me!

I’m sitting here at my desk staring at my PC on a rather serene but sunny Friday afternoon. I just saw an advertisement about a Bitcoin mining pool on a website I was surfing, and I was taken aback and I’m now reminiscing about how I missed out on Bitcoin and reassuring myself that I’m never going to miss out on cryptocurrencies again.

Have you ever had that feeling that life is unfair when you miss out on opportunities others seem to get on a platter of gold? I get it; you’re not alone! 

Some of us were aware when Bitcoin still cost pennies but thought the idea was nonsensical, impractical, and such a wild joke. We couldn’t have been more wrong you could say we were simply myopic! I admit that because I was one of such people.

Just Imagine you bought ten thousand Bitcoins when it was just $0.0008. How much would you be worth today?

Am I saying these apps are going to make you rich?  In all honesty, that’s a capital NO. No one can say for sure whether these projects will succeed or even be around in the next 5 years.

However, I’m just saying there’s no harm in spending 2 seconds every day to tap the mine button on an app if it’s something you want to do.  Don’t hope to get rich from free stuff! Although free stuff has made some folks rich, that’s not how wealth works.

Some of the cryptos presented here are likelier to appreciate. Examples of these are RENEC, Presearch Hi DollarThunder Token, and of course, Pi.  So, you might want to focus on those. What about the rest? StormGain lets you mine Bitcoin on their servers, and you can use these mined coins for trading on their exchange.

I tried each one of these apps, so my opinions are based on direct and first-hand experience with the apps. In my opinion, the use-cases of some of these apps are vague and questionable. It makes them seem unworthy, even pointless, but as we all know, crypto has proven to be rather unpredictable.

Here’s Our List of Cryptocurrencies You Can Mine on Your Phone

#1. Pi

Like Bitcoin is the granddaddy of all cryptocurrencies, Pi is also like the granddaddy of all cryptocurrencies that you can mine on your phone.


It is because Pi is the first to come up with such an ingenious move of bringing crypto to the common folks without any risk of having to invest in expensive rigs to get a cut of the crypto cake.

How do you mine Pi crypto on your phone? It’s easy. Download and install the app, sign up with your correct details, and start mining.

Let me tell you at this point that you need an invite code to join the Pi network and almost every app on this list. Use ralphesan; that is my invite code for most of them except where stated otherwise.

“How do I mine this Pi coin after installing & signing up on the app?”

Don’t worry mate; it’s easy!

  • Launch the Pi app by simply tapping on the icon of your newly installed Pi app.
  •  After launching the app (I’m assuming you’ve registered), look for a button with a lightning icon that says start mining and tap on it.
  • Edit your security circle by tapping on the two-people icon, and add people from your contacts to your security circle to increase your mining rate.
  • Copy your referral code and invite others to the network to increase your base mining rate.
  • Each mining session will last for 24 hours, so you need to open the app and tap the button again after every 24 hours (one day).

Please note that these steps to mine cryptocurrencies apply to every app in this list, so I won’t be repeating them in subsequent sections. Just apply the same logic to every app. I wrote an extensive review of the Pi network here for more details about the basics and technicalities of Pi.
Invite Code: ralphesan

Start Mining Pi 


#2. RENEC by Remitano

Next up on our list of cryptocurrencies you can mine on your phone is the Remitano Network Coin (RENEC). RENEC can be compared to BNB by Binance crypto exchange, Huobi Token (HT) by Huobi, or FTT by FTX.

Just like the aforementioned crypto exchanges, the Remitano network is a crypto exchange that is in the process of launching its native coin. Instead of deploying a smart contract and simply creating their native token, they are letting users mine these tokens for free and get these tokens airdropped to them later when they fully launch.

Let’s put this in a simpler perspective, imagine that Binance let you mine BNB for free a few years back, and you were able to earn some BNB for free, wouldn’t that be a huge profit for you today? That’s what you stand to gain with Remitano. Just like Pi, you can mine Remitano exclusively on your mobile phone. Sign up for an account on Remitano, download the app, and start mining!
Invite code: 2495740

Start Mining Renec


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#3. Bitcoin Satoshi (BTCS)

Does Satoshi ring a bell? I bet it does. The widely known pseudonym of Bitcoin’s creator is Satoshi Nakamoto. Even though there is no clear identity of this Satoshi up till this moment, what’s intriguing is that there’s a new app with an anonymous creator who also goes by the name Satoshi. Why is this so? It’s because Satoshi reminds you so much of Bitcoin.

The 411 is that Satoshi was created by the same person(s) to fulfill his dream of distributing wealth equally to the masses. He couldn’t fulfill this dream with Bitcoin because it was too late for the common folks to buy into Bitcoin by the time they realized its potential.

What “Satoshi” now seeks is a correction of the uneven and maybe unfair distribution of Bitcoin by creating another blockchain that is almost like a replica of bitcoin.

I took a look at the whitepaper, there isn’t much to it except stories about what Satoshi wants to achieve again, and how he’s going to go about it. I could spot a few grammatical errors here and there which make the authenticity of such whitepaper questionable.

I read the original Bitcoin’s white paper in comparison to BTCS’s whitepaper and I could see that whitepaper was well written and edited to perfection. It just doesn’t add up. The Satoshi of Bitcoin wrote like a well-read man if he wrote the whitepaper by the way.

So, what’s my verdict? Well, I signed up, downloaded the app, registered, and started mining this BTCS to see what it’s all about. Should you? That’s a choice you have to make.
Invite Code: ralphesan

Start Mining BTCS


#4. Gamee by Arc8

Gamee is a blockchain-based gaming platform that launched in beta with a mechanism in place for users to mine the native cryptocurrency of the platform for a limited time. According to information available on the app, all mining activities will halt on October 20, 2021.
Invite Code: ralphesan

Start Mining Gamee


#5. Sperax Play

Sperax play is one of the top cryptocurrencies you can mine on your phone. Sperax play describes the platform as a community for friends that makes crypto easier for everyone. Sperax play incorporates a multi-currency digital wallet, an intuitive user experience, a set of pneumonic words that helps you manage your multichain wallet, a smooth payment system, and a private key to keep your wallet secure. In other words, Sperax play is a crypto wallet that lets you send and receive cryptocurrencies with a built-in miner to mine its native token.

You need to create a new Sperax Play wallet to create an account and start mining. Each mining session on Sperax Play lasts for 24 hours, so you have to restart the mining process every day. When asked for an invite code, use the invite code ralph1 to set up your account.
Click on the spade icon at the bottom of the screen of the Sperax Play app to switch to the mining tab, and then click activate to start mining.
Invite Code: ralph1

Start Mining SPX



Presearch is a little different from the other apps on this list. You don’t mine Presearch on your mobile phones, but just like Brave’s BAT, you earn free PRE tokens for making use of the app to search. Presearch is a community-driven organization that aims to decentralize how web pages are being indexed and served as SERPs by search engines. It makes use of blockchain technology to achieve this. Members of the public can run nodes to run presearch software and provide crawling and indexing services in collaboration with other node operators in the network. Let’s put it simply, Presearch is like Google, it is a search engine that rewards users with its native cryptocurrency for using it. the native coin is called PRE.
Presearch has a web version, and it also has a mobile application. Register here to start earning PRE for free.
Invite Code: 2291065

Start Mining PRE


#7. Alpha

Alpha is also one of the cryptocurrencies you can mine on your phone. After the launch of the Pi network, several apps followed Pi; you can call them clones of Pi but each one of them has nuances that differentiate them from Pi. One of such apps is the Alpha network. 

The Alpha network app spots a beautiful dashboard. It’s one of the crypto mining apps with the cleanest UI. Each mining session on the Alpha network mining app also lasts for 24 hours, so you know what that means.
Invite Code: ralphesan

Start Mining Alpha



#8. StormGain

Did you know that you can mine Bitcoin on your mobile phone even now? StormGain is one app that lets you mine Bitcoin for free on your mobile phone. There is a catch; you have to use whatever bitcoins you mine to trade on the StormGain crypto exchange, but the profit you make is yours to keep.

You can withdraw your trading profits once you reach the threshold of 100 USDT. Some users complain about StormGain disabling their accounts.

This is often due to duplicate accounts or incomplete profile information. Create one account for yourself, use a Gmail address, and also verify your phone number as soon as you can to avoid them disabling your account. 
Invite Code: BNS28274953

Start Mining BTC


#9. Bee

Another cryptocurrency you can mine on your mobile phone is Bee. Bee makes use of pretty much the same mechanisms that some of the other apps on this list use. You have a basic mining rate that can be increased by adding more members to your team. There is a leaderboard that is accessible by clicking on the cup icon where you can see the stats of people and how much Bee they’ve mined. I can tell you some have mined millions of the Bee coins. I was skeptical about this one at first but since I had nothing to lose except an email address which is even separate from the personal one, I gave it a try. Use the code ralphesan to join the Bee network.
Invite Code: ralphesan

Start Mining Bee


#10. Ant Coin

These apps will not cease to amaze, right?  First, there was Bee, and now there is Ant. Ant network is one of the crypto mining apps with functionalities and design features that look like they were inspired by Pi. It has a referral system that increases your base mining rate, and it has a pretty-looking interface too. Each mining session also lasts for one day on the Ant network coin app.

Start Mining Ant Coin


#11. BillG

BillG is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies that you can mine on your phone. It works almost like the rest of the apps that let you mine crypto on your smartphone on this list.

To start mining BillG coin, you need to create an account with your mobile number and then choose a password. BillG isn’t particularly forthcoming about the team behind, but do we even know the original developer of Bitcoin till today?

As far as we all know, it’s Satoshi Nakamoto; whoever that is, Bitcoin has risen over $50,000 and that is what matters to most holders. Mining with BillG is easy; just slide the arrow that says “slide to mine” to the right. Use the code ralphesan to sign up.
Invite Code: ralphesan

Start Mining BillG


#12. Coku

Coku also makes it to the list of our top choices of cryptocurrencies you can mine on your phone. Coku is more popular among Asian users and has gained some traction since its launch. The app is clean with a rather friendly look. You need to download the Coku app if you want to mine Coku. Each mining session on Coku lasts 24 hours. You can check the road map or see the whitepaper once you are in the app.

Start Mining Coku


#13. Eagle

One of the networks to launch after Pi is Eagle. Eagle is as old as other networks like Bee and Midoin. Eagle network is as literally follows the same mining and operation principles as Pi. There are a few alterations here and there that differentiate it, but for the bulk of it, they are very similar. There is a faucet where you can spin the wheel to earn some free Eagle coins from time to time. You also have the option of creating your earning team to increase your earning rate. Use the code ralphesan to join the Eagle network.
Invite Code: ralphesan

Start Mining Eagle

#14. Midoin

Midoin gives you 5 taps per minute to mine Midoin for free. Midoin has a social media feature where you can follow other users, chat rooms where you can express yourself, a miner, a wallet, and a marketplace, all built into one app. There is the option to manually tap the mine button or activate the auto miner which mines Midoin automatically. You have to watch an ad to activate the auto miner.
Invite Code: ralphesan

Start Mining Midoin


#15. Nodle Cash

Nodle cash is quite different from most of the crypto mining apps on this list. Nodle Cash is wholly focused on the internet of things and it provides a way for companies to connect with and collect data from their devices all around the world. Nodle Cash makes use of a Bluetooth low-energy-powered network to achieve this feat of establishing communication between devices.

Nodle is the decentralized IoT (Internet of Things) network of Polkadot, providing secure, low-cost connectivity and data liquidity to billions of IoT devices.

Nodle Cash uses smartphones as nodes and base stations for the network and makes use of an algorithm called proof of connectivity. What this means is you register your device as a node and the network uses your device’s resources such as wireless radio and bandwidth. In exchange for your contribution you get rewarded with Noodle Cash just like node operators get rewarded with BTC on the Bitcoin proof-of-work powered blockchain.

The Nodle network is currently being used by Fortune 500 companies to locate their assets in the US. Any company that needs tracking services to track its assets can make use of Nodle Cash to establish location tracking between their IoT-enabled devices and Nodle Cash nodes. If you are in the US and you go out often, Nodle Cash might be a great way to make some passive income.

Start Mining Nodle Cash

Cryptocurrencies you can mine on your phone + Legdger Nano X wallet to store crypto

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#16. One Network

One of the networks on our list of smartphone apps that let you mine cryptocurrencies is none other than One network itself (pun intended). How does One network work? One network isn’t any different from all the networks we’ve talked about in this post. One network also follows in the footprint of Pi just as many others. you have the usual quorum slices based on the Byzantine algorithm just like Pi. You can add up to 6 people that you trust to your security circle. You have a 24-hour mining session just like you have in the other apps. Use the invite code ralphesan when asked for an invite.
Invite Code: ralphesan

Start Mining ONE


#17. Qualh

Qualh is an attempt by an ex-PayPal guy to create a payment system that will other pre-existing payment systems out of the water. Qualh will be the standard currency of this new payment system. Although there is no guarantee that this project is going to be successful but the team behind it has been working on it for a long time now, and they may be closer to a breakthrough than we could envisage. If this becomes a reality, you don’t want to miss out. Download the Qualh app now, reserve some of it, and let us see how it goes.

Start Mining Q


#18. Hi Dollar

I once wrote about Hi dollar in a previous blog post. Hi, dollar sends you a daily Trivial and you earn 1 Hi Dollar per day. This means that you can earn up to 30 Hi dollars per month, which is not bad because the Hi dollar is pretty stable. It sometimes rises above the dollar and sometimes at the same rate. How do you earn the Hi dollar? It’s easy; just go here to sign up and connect the app to your Telegram or Whatsapp IM to receive the daily trivial that earns you Hi dollars.

Start Mining Hi Dollars


#19. Reflex

Reflex is also another cryptocurrency that you can mine on your phone. RFX is the native token of the Reflex Cloud Mining website. They have a website and a mobile app. You can check them out here if you want to earn some RFX. Use the invite code ralphesan if you need one.
Invite Code: ralphesan

Start Mining RFX


#20. Remint

Remint prides itself as a future real estate currency. This assertion is based on the promise that Remint will eventually transform into a real estate platform where users can rent houses/apartments, buy houses/apartments, rent out or sell real estate using Remint as the main currency.

I don’t know about the feasibility of these lofty dreams, but it doesn’t hurt me to just tap a button every 24 hours. Who knows? Never say never. If you want to check out Remint, use the code KC1K0C0G as your invite code.
Invite Code: KC1K0C0G

Start Mining Remint


#21. Spotter

What is Spotter by the way? Spotter is yet another cryptocurrency you can mine on your phone. The Spotter app is one of the newer mining apps to hit the app stores. This one works differently from the rest of them in the sense that you have to restart your mining session every hour. It’s not a requirement, but it won’t mine anything if you don’t keep tapping it every hour. If that is something you are willing to keep up with, then Spotter may be for you.
Invite Code: ralphesan

Start mining Spotter


#22. Timestope

The ideology behind Timestope is sort of unusual. Timestope derives its name from an unusual combination of two distinct terms and ideas: time and stope. I guess want they are trying to say you’re digging into time to get something valuable out of it. Tau is what you get for stoping your time. Some concept there, but if it’s all about tapping a button to register attendance every 00:00 UTC, I’m all up for it. My fingers are crossed and I’m closely watching where this leads. Meanwhile, if you’d like to start stoping your time too, I’ll be your witness, use ralphesan1 as your witness code.
Invite Code: resan

Start Mining Timestope


#23. TTcoin

TTcoin (TC) is already listed on some exchanges although the value is very low. TC is listed on Koinbazr as I write this. Those who have been mining TT for a long are in luck because they can now trade it on a crypto exchange. There are plans underway to list YC on other exchanges soon. The process of mining TC coins is not so different from other coins we’ve discussed before. Although this doesn’t use a security circle feature, you can still invite others to the network to increase your mining rate.
Invite Code: G70YskBI4PQbdPXqGqC2FOtWNwH3

Start Mining TC


#24. Thunder Token

Thunder token uses proof of stake to mine more TT coins for you. The more your stake of TT, the more you mine. Thundercore Hub is the app you need to mine Thunder Token (TT). Once you sign up, log in, transfer some TT or USDT to your TT wallet on the app, click on the home tab, and tap on TT mining. It starts to mine TT automatically and you have to claim your mined TT every 7 days, maximum. Use my referral code XAVQXJ to increase your mining rate.

Here’s how to bind referrer to unlock a higher mining rate:
a. Click on the TT Mining on the homepage
b. Once on the mining page, scroll to the bottom of the page.
c. You’ll see a text that says bind a referrer, click on Bind Now
d. Enter the code XAVQXJ and click send.
Invite Code: XAVQXJ

Start Mining TT



If you were to choose only a few of these cryptocurrencies to mine, I would advise you to choose the following:
1. Pi
2. Hi Dollar (earn this daily by answering a daily trivial)
3. Renec
4. Presearch
5. Sperax
6. Thunder Token

The future of those cryptocurrencies is brighter than the rest because some of them are solid projects with actual use cases. Other honorable mentions would be Alpha Coin, StormGain, and TTCoin. This is my opinion; it doesn’t have to influence your choice. Crypto can be so unpredictable.

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Are there any of these coins that you believe in or acquired a lot of already? Let us know in the comments below!

If there is any coin you think should be on this list that I left out, comment it below with your invite link. I’ll take a look at them.

Till next time,

Ralph Esan

Ralph Esan

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