Apart from airdrops, cryptocurrencies that you mine on your phone for free like Pi,  airdrop spots like Earnathon, or even exchanges like Binance, did you know that some websites and apps let you claim or earn free crypto every day for doing as little as possible?

This post will reveal these cryptocurrencies to you and how you can claim these cryptocurrencies for free every day.

So, where can you earn free cryptocurrency?

Here they are:

1. Hi Dollar

Earn Free Crypto on Hi Dollar
Earn Free Crypto on Hi Dollar

Hi Dollar is the new kid on the block that is powered by Hi Foundation. Hi Foundation is a not-for-profit organization and Hi Dollar is a not-for-profit initiative.

Some of the services that Hi Foundation offers are banking services, payment processing, exchange services, and more. Hi Dollar gives free Hi Dollars to anyone available to answer a daily trivial on various IM apps like Telegram and WhatsApp.

Hi Dollar recently launched an airdrop campaign to gain the project some traction, and that worked well because the value of HI Dollar has grown exponentially ever since the launch.

You will get free crypto if you just sign up on Hi Dollars, and you can claim even more free crypto on Hi Dollar every day for doing nothing but interacting with the Hi Dollar bot on your favorite IM app.

To start earning free Hi Dollars every day, go here to create an account, connect with your favorite IM app and start getting your cut of the Hi Dollar cake.

Remember to open your favorite IM app that you have connected with Hi Dollar every day and interact with the bot to get your daily cut of Hi Dollar.


2. GoodDollar

Earn Free Crypto on GoodDollar
Earn Free Crypto Daily on GoodDollar

There must be something really good about the dollar, look at all the dollars we have in a single list! GoodDollar was founded by GoodDollar.org (backed and initiated by eToro).

The GoodDollar Organization is a non-profit organization on a mission to leverage new blockchain technologies to deliver a scalable and sustainable model to deliver basic income to any human with an internet connection.

GoodDollar has built a wallet that enables anybody with an internet connection to sign up and claim a small daily income in G$ coins.

As the name implies, something has got to be good about this. The good thing about GoodDollar (G$) is that this cryptocurrency is available to claimers once every 24-hour period. What this means is that each claim cycle resets after 24 hours.

For example, let’s say you registered at exactly 12:00 UTC on the GoodDollar website and made your first claim at 12:09 UTC, subsequent claims that you’ll be making will only reset after 12:09 PM UTC of each complete day cycle.

That 12:09 UTC will mark the beginning and the end of each 24-hour claiming cycle that you get each day. I hope that made sense. It did? Okay, cool. Now, let’s move on!

To start claiming GoodDollar, the first thing you have to do is sign up for an account using any of the options provided on **this page**, then do your KYC verification which will involve taking pictures of the face; this is powered by a facial recognition & biometric verification AI technology.

The reason why this is so is to prevent fraudulent claims stemming from one person having several accounts. For the sake of a verification system put in place, these kinds of claims won’t be possible. Fair enough I think!

What can you do with GoodDollar?
There are goods and services on the GoodMarket that you can purchase with the free crypto coins that you obtain from GoodDollar. You can take a look at the GoodMarket right here and see what you can purchase once you earn free crypto from GoodDollar.


3. Presearch

Earn Free Crypto Daily on Presearch
Earn Free Crypto on Presearch

You must have heard about Presearch before but just in case you haven’t, Presearch is a search engine that is focused on privacy and supports decentralization and open internet that isn’t dominated by a handful of Big Tech companies.

Search queries on Presearch are processed by folks like you and me who run nodes that power the Presearch network. You can earn free PRE (Presearch native token) for simply searching with Presearch. Every one of us makes use of search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and the likes every day.

Why not make use of a blockchain-based search engine that is decentralized and rewards you with free crypto for using it?

Sign up here to start earning free crypto (PRE) when you search with Presearch. You can also run a node by going to https://nodes.presearch.org/run to register and learn how to set up your node. That way you can earn even more PRE passively.


4. Brave Rewards

Earnatho Crypto by Using Brave Browser
Earn Free Crypto by Using Brave Browser

Did you know that you can earn free crypto just by browsing the internet like you normally do? Yes, you can do that with internet browsers like Brave. You can earn Brave’s Basic Attention Token (BAT) just for browsing as you normally with Brave browser.

Brave is a privacy-focused, open-source, and Chromium-based browser just like Chrome. Brave lets you earn free crypto tokens known as BAT for viewing privacy-respecting ads.

You need to download and install the Brave browser on your mobile or PC device to start earning free BAT tokens daily. You can also tip your favorite creators whenever you visit blogs and websites and you see a blue tick appear on the Brave icon next to the URL box.

There you have it! Trust me to keep the list updated (and you if you subscribe to receive updates from us) anytime a new legit crypto-earning opportunity appears. Is there any legit way(s) to earn free crypto that I missed? Comment below and I’ll review and consider them for inclusion.

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