Easiest Way to Register & Claim “$300-Worth” EiFi Big Airdrop!

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EiFi is a newly launched decentralized ecosystem that was established in London in 2021. EiFi is trying to contribute its efforts towards the advancement of the specialized development of both centralized and decentralized exchanges.

Its early development has led some industry experts to refer to the EIFI Team as ‘pioneers’ of Crypto exchange technology. Since its launch, the team behind EiFi has continued to learn and grow as an organization, and the once small team has grown into a far-reaching and diverse group. At present, EiFi has team members from nearly every continent.

Claim EiFi Airdrop

EiFi was created and developed by EY FUNDING LIMITED and is committed to providing professional Crypto asset management platforms and services to users all around the world.

How to Claim EiFi Airdrop

  1. Sign up for an account on the EiFi website.
  2. Verify your email address by clicking on the verification link sent to your email address (check your SPAM folder if you can’t find it in your inbox.
  3. After confirmation, log in to your account to proceed to claim the airdrop.
  4. After logging into your account, look for a link that says airdrop and click on it.
  5. Do the tasks by following EiFi social accounts to get the airdrop.

The airdrop will be available for a claim later on, just like Chainge Finance’s airdrop that we once recommended which you can still sign up to get 50 CHNG.

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  2. Revuto
  3. Bremit
  4. HUDL
  5. Hi

How to Add EiFi Token on Trust Wallet:

Contract address: 0xbbf33a3c83cf86d0965a66e108669d272dfe4214

Name: Eifi

Symbol: EiFI

Decimals: 8

That’s all you need to claim EiFi airdrop.

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