A Comprehensive Review and Guide to Hashing Ad Space

It’s yet another brutal review, and this time we are looking at a crypto advertising platform called Hashing Ad Space. In this Hashing Ad Space review, I’ll be looking at the good, and the not-so-good sides of Hashing Ad Space. Should you even consider using Hashing Ad Space for anything at all? And if you decide to use it, can you actually make decent money from watching ads as they claim?

We’re about to find out together in this bare-it-all Hashing Ad Space Review!

Let’s shatter every misconceived notion and bust the myths once and for all. Now, shall we?

The first time I wrote a Hashing Ad Space review was almost two years ago, and the platform has evolved to become what it is today. Originally, Hashing Ad Space was just about viewing ads to earn ASIMI, but now it’s way more than that. I have updated sections of this review to include fresh information that reflects the current state of Hashing Ad Space.


Hashing Ad Space Review
Hashing Ad Space Review

Hashing Ad Space is a web platform that allows users to promote their products and advertise their businesses to other online entrepreneurs, prospective customers and clients, leads, and members from around the world; helping them to generate leads, drive more sales, make more profits, by making use of quality targeted advertising.

But not just that, you also get paid for minting or viewing ads. This explains the name Hashing Ad Space- ads that cost and earn you crypto tokens just to buy or view them. Do you remember that Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency you mine? But the concept of Hashing Ad Space is that coins are minted by viewing advertisements instead of being mined.

If you do not have the time to read this Hashing Ad Space review, you can just click here to go straight to the website to have an idea of what we are talking about. However, if you can bear with me and take some time to read the review, you’re going to acquire valuable information that you can put to use straight away!

Here are some quick and interesting facts to note about Hashing Ad Space:

  • Hashing Ad Space allows members to mint new coins by viewing ads. Minting cryptocurrency as they define it, is the act of bringing new (Asimi) tokens into existence.
  • The more ads are seen by viewers, the more the share of Asimi that will be paid to minters for that day. And they pay newly minted Asimi directly into viewers’ accounts.
  • The platform implements a Proof of Stake mechanism to qualify the viewing audience.
  • Each member on Hashing As Space has a maximum limit of ads they can view each day.
  • The viewers of advertisements earn the token (s) each day based on the number of ads watched. This minting is the creation of new tokens called “Asimi”.
  • Most of the members of Hashing Ad Space are interested in making money from home.
  • The platform has its currency that is meant to be used for transactions on the platform for purchases.
  • Asimi is the cryptocurrency that powers the Hashing Ad Space.
  • Hashing Ad Space does not sell its currency to users; you must earn it or trade with others on a decentralized trading platform.

Now to the cryptocurrency that drives the Hashing Ad Space economy:

Asimi is the crypto token that drives the Hashing Ad Space economy.

It was Bitcoin at first, and thus plenty of its kind followed. Litecoin, Ethereum, Golem, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Stellar, Tenx, Zcash, etc. And now there is another one called Asimi; it works differently.

What is Asimi again, you ask?

Aren’t you a latecomer?

But you are welcome to the party, our new esteemed guest. I’ll break it down for you; trust me.


Asimi is a crypto token used to purchase ad impressions (advertisements) on Hashing Ad Space. Using Asimi on Hashing Ad Space to purchase ads was the original intended purpose, but that is evolving fast as you can now trade Asimi for other cryptocurrencies like BTC and others, or even USD.

It is likewise the cryptocurrency that those who view ads on Hashing Ad Space earn.

Here are some interesting facts about Asimi as culled from Hashing Ad Space website:

  • Asimi is a utility token with true product use, which is advertising.
  • There was no Initial Coin Offering (ICO).
  • The circulating supply of Asimi started at zero and users mint new Asimi each day by viewing ads. That is how Asimi is added into the circulating supply on Hashing Ad Space.
  • Asimi was designed for online advertising purchases on Hashing Ad Space. This is the only intended use.
  • Hashing Ad Space does not sell Asimi to members. It is only earned by minting or viewing ads.
  • If you’re buying ads, you must pay it for in Asimi tokens. This creates a demand for the exchange, as advertisers must have Asimi before making advertising purchases.
  • When minters (site members) view ads, they earn the newly minted Asimi for that day. These Asimi tokens can be sold on an exchange.
  • You need a ‘proof of stake’ of Asimi to mint ads, but Asimi staking is not a purchase.
  • You will need a wallet on the waves platform to store your Asimi tokens, and also to withdraw and deposit Asimi on Hashing Ad Space.

You can go HERE to learn how to deposit Asimi into your Hashing Ad Space account and HERE to learn how to add an Asimi wallet to your assets dashboard on the Waves Exchange platform

That was a pretty exhaustive introduction to Hashing Ad space, now let’s be more thorough with this Hashing Ad Space review with a little background story.

It was a quiet afternoon, and I knew I had a lot to do. So, I was minding my business, as usual, there had to be something new in the financial and technological space; My business is to keep finding that.

There was something that caught my attention in a Facebook group that I belong to. I clicked and read the post. Guess what it was all about? It was an invitation to a unique and innovative platform that was still in its pre-launch phase. It was an invitation to join Hashing Ad Space. A company that was founded in Australia by Luke Millard who is the current CEO of the company.

If you imagined that I was skeptical, you are right. I thought to myself, this could be one of those cheap scams that come so fast, but disappear faster than they come.

“But Ralph, why not have a little faith?” I said to myself. And that little faith made me one of those that were early to the party at Hashing Ad Space.

I found my way to the website, not that it was difficult to find, but believe me, there was so much traffic even in that pre-launch phase of Hashing Ad Space. The space available on Hashing Ad Space was almost overcrowded. But, being the strong believer and fighter that I am, I made my way through the crowd and secured an account for myself. Hallelujah!

And I’ve been part of this platform ever since that day…

They greeted me with a brief explainer video, which was a quick start guide before finding my way to the dashboard. And from that moment, I understood what the platform is all about.

So what is Hashing Ad Space all about, and how does it work? Hashing Ad Space serves two sets of people; advertisers and minters (those who earn Asimi tokens by viewing ads).

Hashing Ad Space Home Page

Like I rightly pointed out earlier, Hashing Ad Space is a good place to find leads, drive quality traffic to your website, get buyers for your products, and a platform you can leverage to grow your business.

Most of the members of Hashing Ad Space are people who are active stakeholders in the digital realm or the online economy. This means that a lot of these people are interested in using the Internet to make money or have various businesses that are accessible through the Internet.

For example, those who offer SAAS, PAAS, Freelancers, binary, forex, options and stockbrokers, cryptocurrency mining pools, cloud-based fastest-trading AI robots, etc. If you have any product that involves helping people make money online or that deals with cryptocurrency, then you’ll feel at home on Hashing Ad space.

These are the main advertising products on Hashing Ad space:


Banners are advertisement blocks that are displayed on all pages of Hashing Ad Space. They are always visible even on pages that are unique to each member. The moment you design your banner to your taste and specify how you want it to be displayed, you can just leave the rest to Hashing Ad Space to handle.


These are adverts that are shown to members who try to log in to their accounts. This means that they guarantee your advertisements’ views since every member must log back in after every session. So, your ad will appear to users just before they’re taken to their dashboard, which definitely will guarantee your ads plenty of views.


Ad minter used to be the main product on Hashing Ad Space before other types of products were added. Ad minter, as claimed by Hashing Ad Space will deliver the highest volume of traffic to your site because viewers will watch your ads daily, and they also guarantee you a retention period of 7 seconds. So, you can use those seconds to display the best features of your offer (s) to your viewers.


This is one of the easiest and cheapest advertising products that you can buy or get started with on Hashing Ad space. I said cheapest because you can start with any amount of Asimi and you can set the number of impressions (number of times to show your ads to users) that you want the ads to generate.

While you are doing these, a real-time calculator displays the cost per impression based on the parameters or variables you set.

I would say Hashing Ad Space is a great place to advertise your products and services with as little as possible. As an advertiser or business owner, you can leverage Hashing Ad Space to drive more sales and increase your profitability, even if all you own is just a blog.


Technically, everybody on Hashing Ad Space can be both an Advertiser and an Asimi earner. Originally, the only way to earn coins (Asimi) on Hashing Ad Space was to mint (view) ads that were paid for by advertisers.

But now, there are other ways to earn Asimi on Hashing Ad Space apart from minting ads. Two other ways to earn Asimi on Hashing Ad Space are ‘view to earn’ and referrals. ‘View to earn’ is like ‘Ads minting’ because they’re both about viewing ads, but with some differences.

The differences are:


If you want to earn Asimi by minting, you need to have a specific value of Asimi as a ‘proof of stake’ with Hashing Ad Space that allows you to mint ads. What do I mean by Asimi staking?

It’s keeping a required amount of Asimi coins with Hashing Ad Space for a specified period as agreed in a contract, and this gives you the privilege to mint ads; the ads that you mint earn you coins (Asimi).


For example, if you stake 300 Asimi for a year, and that 300 Asimi gives you one ad minting privilege per day; Then, to raise the cap to 2 Asimi per day, you will stake more Asimi, and the process of staking Asimi is called ‘Proof of Stake’.

When Hashing Ad Space was in the pre-launch phase, many people who were early to the party had the privilege to mint Asimi for free, but now it’s no longer free to mint Asimi. It’s not that it costs you something to do that; It’s just that you have to stake something.

Please note that Hashing Ad Space will return the total amount of Asimi you stake back to you at the end of the contract period usually a year.


Yes, this second part requires no long explanation, really; it’s just exactly the way it is.

The amount of Asimi you get when you mint ads (requires staking) is higher than the amount of Asimi you get when you view individual ad units in V2E (View to Earn is free).

I guess that makes perfect sense.

So, if you want to accumulate more Asimi within a short time, then minting ads is the way to go. So, however, you want to look at it, Hashing Ad Space is all about paying you to view ads or you paying others to view your ads.

Since you’re now familiar with the differences between ‘view to earn’ and ‘ad minting’, let’s look at the third way to earn Asimi on Hashing Ad Space which is the referral system.


Hashing Ad Space Review | Other ways to Earn
Hashing Ad Space Review | Other Ways to Earn

Since the first Hashing Ad Space review that I wrote a couple of years back, Hashing Ad Space has indeed upgraded its services and offerings to include more ways to earn for people making use of the platform.

Listed below are the additional ways you can make more money (ASIMI) on Hashing Ad Space.

    Surveys have now been added to ways you can earn ASIMI on  Hashing Ad Space. When I checked, I could find about10 surveys that I could try on my dashboard, but I didn’t bother to check if I would qualify as I wasn’t going to take any. One way you can select surveys to take is to check the aggregate star ratings and number of folks that rated that survey to know if it would be worth your time. In essence, I’m saying the higher the number of reviews, the better your chance of making something off that survey. Check the image below, you can click to enlarge it or zoom the page to get a clearer view.

Hashing Ad Space Review | Surveys

In my opinion, taking surveys seems like a better way to earn on Hashing Ad Space. To say the least, I prefer it more than viewing ads because of the amount you get paid for it.

Here is what Hashing Ad Space has to say about their survey offers:

  • If a survey doesn’t suit you, you can simply try another one.

  • For a completed survey you earn the full displayed Asimi amount.

  • For some incomplete surveys, you will earn a small consolation amount of Asimi.

  • For reviewing a completed survey, you earn a small additional bonus.

  • You will immediately see your survey earnings displayed within your “Pending Survey Balance”

  • After 7 days your Asimi tokens are released into your primary Account Balance ready for use/withdrawal.

  • As an affiliate, earn a 10% commission of any survey earnings of your referrals.

  • Complete as many surveys as you choose every day!


    Games are now available on Hashing Ad Space for interested players

Asimi Play

Hashing Ad Space recently launched a gaming platform called ASIMI Play. Although the platform is still in beta, it is available to interested gamers who want to earn free crypto while they have fun playing games. If you want to take advantage of this newly launched gaming platform by Hashing Ad Space, you have to register for an account first on Hashing Ad Space, and then you’ll see the relevant links to download the gaming apps from the relevant platforms. Just go to the tab that says Earn Asimi from the main menu tab.


The interface of the platform looks sleek with lots of white space which I think is cool. After you land on the home page, you can either click on login or register from the links at the top of the website (the header), and that will take you to a page that looks like the screenshot below.

After logging in, you are presented with your dashboard where you can access various sections of your account; the links are on the left sidebar. And they look like the picture below. I will explain what each of the links does.

  • The dashboard takes you to your account dashboard (home).
  • The profile is where you go to access and edit your profile.
  • Advertising Products is where you go to learn about the different advertising products available for purchase
  • Asimi Stake is where you click to manage the Asimi stake.
  • Advertising is where you go to purchase ads or set up ad campaigns.
  • Transactions are where you access transactional information about things like your wallet, withdrawal history, minting summary, purchase history, V2E Purchase history, minting commission, sales commission, active advertising block, and active Staking.
  • Sales Affiliate Centre is where you go to access the various tools that are available to affiliates and other information about the affiliate program.
  • Launch Promotion is where you go to view statistics of your current level in their promotion matrix.

Now, why should you consider joining Hashing Ad Space?

Some privileges and perks come with being a member of Hashing Ad Space, and I will list them right below:

  • High-quality and targeted ads to generate more leads for your websites, services, and businesses.
  • More sales and profits for your product (s) and business (es): If you get more leads, then you definitely will make more sales.
  • Easily build your home-based business: You can easily scale your home business without spending so much on advertising.
  • Optimize your campaigns with the Hashing Ad Space A/B testing system.
  • Earn crypto tokens (Asimi) daily.
  • No limits to the amount of Asimi you can earn on Hashing Ad Space.
  • It’s just the simplest way to build your business using quality targeted advertising

Why should you not join Hashing Ad Space:

  • You can’t make a full-time income on Hashing Ad Space.
  • There are better ways to make use of your time to make money on the internet.


During the pre-launch phase of Hashing Ad Space, you could register for the referral program for free, but now ( as of the time of this update) I can’t say if that’s still the case. The referral program allows you to tell others about Hashing Ad Space and you get paid for that. That is usually how every referral system works.

There is always an incentive to motivate you to bring more people to a platform. You get paid commissions for people you bring to the platform. The more active your referrals are, the more the commissions that you earn.

For you to become part of the referral program, register for that. It isn’t free to do so; you need some Asimi tokens (I can’t be specific on the amount as it’s bound to change) but joining the referral program is worth it.

Once you become part of the referral program, they will make the tools you need available to you. These tools include banners, in various sizes and flavors (some are more delicious, I think).


Hashing Ad Space is a good place to run ads, especially if you trying to advertise to an audience that is mainly interested in making money from home through the use of the internet.

Before ending this Hashing Ad Space review, I would like to give my honest opinions if you intend to sign up on Hashing Ad Space to earn ASIMI (money).

I honestly wouldn’t bother with viewing ads to earn because it just doesn’t appeal to me and it’s not a good use of my time; however, if you feel this is something you can do or want to do, then, by all means, feel free to go for it.

I think surveys are a good way for you to make some chump change on Hashing Ad Space, and you can also consider playing games too if that is your thing.

…and that is it for now on this Hashing Ad Space review. Trust me to keep you regularly updated if anything new pops up. Meanwhile, consider joining our mailing list, follow us on our social media channels. That way, you can get the latest information (mostly notifications about money-making opportunities that do not stay open for a long time) almost in real-time. 

Till next time.


Ralph Esan

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