GrooveFunnels Review 2023: (Benefits, Pricing, Pros & Cons)

If you’re an online entrepreneur or you’ve been in the game of internet marketing for quite some time, you would have heard of names like Neil Patel (the one that talks about SEO), Mike Filsaime (the Kartra and GrooveFunnels guy), Tai Lopez (ahem, tough guy), John Crestani (the smooth talker), etc.

You might be tempted to ask “what’s your point exactly, Ralph?”

Thanks for asking by the way…

I believe if you know even just one of these names, chances are you’ve heard about another term called funnels because these guys talk about funnels a lot!

Now, we are getting somewhere!

Without mincing words, it’s certain you are here to learn about GrooveFunnels and whether it’s worth signing up for or any good. The information you’ll find on this page will undoubtedly answer most of your questions regarding GrooveFunnels. That’s a promise!

In this GrooveFunnels review, we’ll be discussing reasons why GrooveFunnels might be the right or wrong tool for your online business needs.

Caution (for Beginners)

If you are a beginner or new to funnel building, DON’T use GrooveFunnels; you’ll be overwhelmed or even frustrated. I recommend or ClickFunnels (especially for ClickBank affiliates) instead.

However, if you’ve been building funnels for some time, then go for it; GrooveFunnels will serve you well. The only exception here is if you are interested in selling products and not building funnels, then anyone can use GrooveKart. It’s quite easy to use and feature rich.

What is GrooveFunnels?

GrooveFunnels is a digital marketing tool developed for creating and managing sales funnels. It is a group of different apps that are bundled together and offered as a single robust solution to facilitate the selling of products and services, creating brands’ identities and presence on the web, managing relationships with customers, and other processes associated with running a business or being an entrepreneur.

In other words, GrooveFunnels is an enterprise solution for managing sales funnels, marketing your products, creating websites and webpages, and dealing with various other online business management and automation needs. I sincerely hope that was simple enough… It was? Oh, thank you!

Who is GrooveFunnels for?

I’m sure you already have this figured out because we just said it’s for entrepreneurs and business owners right? Well, you’re correct if you said that. I’m sending you a virtual pat on the back… great job, really, great job! 

Now, to be more specific and give actual examples, GrooveFunnels is for the following groups of people/businesses.

  • eCommerce stores: Similar to what Shopify does, GrooveKart is an app in GrooveFunnels that lets you build eCommerce stores from scratch. You can start a dropshipping store, import unlimited products,  automate your marketing, accept payments at a fraction of the cost of Shopify, make use of upsells, and everything else you would expect from a standard shopping cart like Shopify.

Bonus fact: GrooveKart is totally free and you can create a new store every 30 days if you have a free account. Paid accounts don’t have that limit.I use it to host some dropshipping and print-on-demand stores myself, so I can assure you it will serve you. Even though it’s not as robust as Shopify, the difference is hardly noticeable.

  • Marketing Agencies: Do you deal with funnels, sales pages, email campaigns, etc.? You will find GrooveFunnels indispensable for your job in just a short while.
  • Online Coaches & consultants: You can easily create membership sites with ready-made funnels and website templates to offer your coaching and consulting services to the world & you end up saving 100s of dollars every month with GrooveFunnels because it’s cheap especially if you get the lifetime plan.
  • Course Creators: Coming from a platform like Teachable and Thinkific, you’ll quickly find that GrooveFunnels costs a lot less than all these platforms, and what’s amazing is that you get this for a single one-time payment for the lifetime account (a lifetime account that costs about one-year Teachable). Unbelievable right? I felt the same way too!
  • Vendors: Do you run an in-house affiliate program that you would like to scale effortlessly? GrooveFunnels makes it possible for Vendors to work with affiliates to promote their products and reach new markets.
  • Affiliates Partners: This is for the super-affiliates, who would rather promote other people’s products to make money, you can become an affiliate in the GrooveMarketplace right now. Okay, I think we’ve settled that.

Now, to the third question, you may have.

How Good Is GrooveFunnels?

Just in case you’re thinking “is GrooveFunnels any good?”, GrooveFunnels does well in delivering what GrooveDigital promised. Although it sure has its learning curve, it’s still way simpler than most WordPress plugins I’ve used in the past for building pages.

Alright, so we know now that GrooveFunnels is a group of software packages, bundled together to help businesses and entrepreneurs effectively manage their sales system, but is there something more important that we need to know about GrooveFunnels?

I bet we both know the answer to that question!

There are tons of things we need to learn and discuss in this GrooveFunnels review: things like pricing, ease of use (the interface); efficiency, scalability; the number of applications and what each does, and most importantly, if Groove Digital, the company behind GrooveFunnels is a name you can trust to deliver. Yes, it all boils down to the same question: is GrooveFunnels legit and worth using or buying?

Now, to the part I am fairly certain you’ve been waiting for— the top ten reasons why you should buy or ditch GrooveFunnels. First, let us look at the most important pros or benefits of choosing it.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Use GrooveFunnels

Reason #1: It Is Built to Help You Make Money

  • Build Funnels and Pages that Convert

Even though a funnel builder by itself doesn’t automatically earn you money, GrooveFunnels is built to make the process of building high-converting landing pages very straightforward using predesigned templates.

There are professional-looking and sleek templates that you can grab, edit and use to whip up your landing pages in a matter of minutes. Templates are one good thing about GrooveFunnels because they were created with optimum conversion rates in mind.

Keep in mind that you can also buy these templates on the marketplace or sell your custom-designed templates.

Examples of High-Converting Sales Funnels Built with GrooveFunnels

Before you can make a rational and logical conclusion on whether GrooveFunnels is going to be worth your time or not, I believe you need to see something that was built with GrooveFunnels. Listed below are some high-converting sales funnels built with GrooveFunnels (800% conversion rate is insane in my opinion). You can check them out to get an idea of what you can do with GrooveFunnels.

  1. Activate Astro Planner 2022
  2. The 10-Second Meal Plan Kit
  3. Finish Your Funnel Academy
  4. Our Mastermind
  5. The SCRUM SHOP Membership
  • You Can Use Any of the Numerous Groove Apps to Generate Income

Recall that GrooveFunnels is not just a landing page or website builder, it’s a complete suite of marketing apps with the primary purpose of helping you make money. These include an autoresponder, membership site, webinar app, affiliate management portal, social proof app, etc. We will cover these apps in detail in the sections below.

  • Make Money as a Groove Affiliate

Even if all you are interested in is just promoting products for commissions (hello, super affiliate marketers in the building), you can still make money with GrooveFunnels without actually selling your products and services. There are products that you can promote on the GrooveMarketplace, heck, you can promote even GrooveFunnels itself. You simply sign up as an affiliate, and you are good to go!

  • Sell Your Templates and Digital Assets in the Groove Marketplace

If you’ve been wondering whether you can sell your funnel templates and digital files on a marketplace with GrooveFunnels, worry no more because you can do that!

Reason #2: It Has a Free Version (NOT Suitable for Serious Marketers)

Of course, GrooveFunnels has a platinum paid plan that unlocks every premium feature that comes with GrooveFunnels, but I still believe the free plan is worth signing up for! Some of the apps these guys are giving away for free could easily cost you hundreds of dollars if you’re using different SAAS providers for each app.

Of course, you can always go the route of WordPress and get some things done, but why stress yourself if there is an easier alternative that outperforms and outshines WordPress out of the box? You have to spend a great deal of time making WordPress as fast as GroovePages after installing plugins. I give GrooveDigital some credit for creating a product like that which they let you use without ever asking for your credit card details.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t get the lifetime plan, I’m just saying the free plan is value-packed enough to serve your needs if you are a beginner.

Reason #3: It’s Fast!

I tested some pages built with GrooveFunnels and the scores on GTMetrix and Page Speed Insights are pretty impressive. Of course, some scored low due to poor optimization on the part of the users, but the total blocking time was still some milliseconds while the largest contentful paint was around 2 seconds. An empty GroovePage not loaded with tons of scripts and media scored an A.

Reason #4: Free Resources and Training

GrooveDigital doesn’t just give you a product, they provide free resources, tutorials, and training to help you make the best of it. They organize webinars from time to time, like this webinar with Simon Leung and the Fast Start Marketing Lab which are both free.

Of course, these are not the only freebies that the folks at GrooveDigital give to their members, I merely used those as examples, so you can get a feel of what we are talking about. I get invited to a ton of these free training almost every month!

Reason #5: Great Support

No doubt, GrooveDigital cares about its customers. While it’s not uncommon to find agents that you can chat live with from your dashboard when they are all busy, you can simply drop them a note and they’ll respond within a few hours. Even though it would be nice to always talk to them live, that may not be feasible because the company is still growing and trying to get enough customers. They have to manage the funds they can get.

There are more than enough articles to help you out with most issues you may encounter; you can find them here.

Top 5 Reasons to NOT Use GrooveFunnels

Reason #1: GrooveFunnels Has a Learning Curve

In my opinion, GrooveFunnels isn’t as easy to use as funnel builders like Systeme or ClickFunnels if you are a beginner just starting out with funnel builders, but it has way more features and functionality. Just choose what matters most to you.

**Note the clause BEGINNER** (if you’ve been using page and funnel builders for a while, you’ll find your way around GrooveFunnels)

It’s not as if GrooveFunnels isn’t customizable, contrary to that, it’s very customizable, but the truth is you have to learn how it works before you can do that. There are articles and YouTube tutorials to help you with that if you wish to learn it.

On the hand, if you’ve been working with funnel and website builders before, trust me you’ll find your way around it.

Reason #2: Groovefunnels Isn’t a Finished Product

Yes, you might experience a few bugs here and there, like having to hit the “save button” twice or some other minor errors. Even though GrooveFunnels isn’t perfect as it is right now, the imperfection shouldn’t be a show-stopper; in fact, you’d hardly encounter them and it’s very much usable.

Reason #3: No Subscription-Based Plan

If you’d rather pay monthly fees for the premium features of GrooveFunnels, I’m afraid that may not work right now but it will in the future. Right now, GrooveFunnels only has a lifetime premium account which you can pay for once, twice, or thrice in installments. A one-time payment of $1997 (it was cheaper than that before) is what you’ll be paying now for lifetime access.

The lifetime account is better in my opinion anyway; Just set and forget! Who likes paying recurring subscription fees? I’m sure I don’t!

Reason #4: Free Plan Not Worth It for Seasoned Marketers

Even though you can build landing pages, create eCommerce stores and even host webinars with the free plan, you’ll find that you’ll quickly run into limitations as a pro marketer or super affiliate. The free plan is a good start for beginner marketers, but it won’t do much for the heavyweight marketers out there.

As an experienced marketer judging from the outside, it may look like you have everything to scale your marketing and business with GrooveFunnels, but the reality is different. This is what you get:

  • Few sales funnels and page templates (not the nicest looking)
  • 100 member limit for your membership site.
  • 2% fee charged on your transactions.
  • GrooveMail is capped at the 500 contacts limit (it’s unlikely you can do much with that).
  • 5000 emails per month. And no, I’m not kidding.

In reality, GrooveFunnels’ free version is only good for beginner marketers who are just learning the ropes, not for gurus like many of you guys reading this.

Reason #5: Number of Apps & Features Are Overwhelming

As I mentioned earlier, GrooveFunnels has a learning curve, and some apps are easier to learn than others; however, the number of features that come with GrooveFunnels may appear to be somewhat overwhelming, especially for beginners. There are just so many features, settings, and apps to tinker with. While this would be beneficial to some users, other users are going to feel like it’s too much for them to handle.

Wish to give GrooveFunnels a try? You can get a free account and test it out here.

Other Important Things to Note About GrooveFunnels

GrooveFunnels Pricing

It’s important to let you know that GrooveFunnels is a project that is still being developed and has features added almost daily. So, for this reason, GrooveFunnels is in beta as I write this, but I tell you that even in its beta state, it’s more powerful than some systems that are more popular out there.

Now, because GrooveFunnels is in beta, they have two pricing structures that are available right now, but that is bound to change very soon.

The pricing plans are:

#1. GrooveFunnels Free Plan

Are GrooveFunnels Free?

The free plan is exactly what it is: FREE. What do you get when you sign up for a free GrooveFunnels account? The free account gives you lifetime access to limited GrooveFunnels. When you sign up for GrooveFunnels Base, which is the free plan, it gives you guaranteed access to GroovePages, GrooveSell, GrooveAffiliates, GrooveMembers, GrooveVideo, GrooveMail, and GrooveKart.

Although all these apps are limited in features, in fairness to GrooveDigital, they are giving you immense value for free. Mike Filsaime must be a cool dude to give all these away for free without ever asking for your credit card details. That’s truly generous. All these apps they are giving away for free could easily cost you over $500 per month if you’re making use of some other platforms.

I must say though if you’re an email marketer, GrooveMail free edition will not be enough for you, so I’d advise you to get the Lifetime GrooveFunnels while it’s still being offered, that is if you intend to switch to GrooveFunnels by the way. GrooveFunnels free edition isn’t meant for advanced marketers.

#2. GrooveFunnels Lifetime Plan

Buying GrooveFunnels Lifetime will give you instant access to the whole of GrooveFunnels, with almost everything unlimited, except GrooveVideo which comes with 100GB storage space for life and 100GB bandwidth every month for your traffic, and GrooveMail which gives you a maximum of 10,000 contacts and unlimited email sends. You can compare the packages that GrooveFunnels is offering to see the details of what you stand to gain. As of the time I am writing this, GrooveFunnels Lifetime costs $1997.

Apart from the Kickstarter or beta promotional pricing that Groove Digital is offering, there are main pricing plans that will replace the promotional prices once GrooveFunnels moves away from the backer/beta phase. In other words, the costs will soon change if you aren’t opportune to grab an account now. 

Right now, GrooveFunnels lifetime plan costs:

  • $1,997 one-time payment.
  • $999 in 2 installments.
  • $597 in 6 installments.

GrooveFunnels Ease of Use

Overall, I would score GrooveFunnels 4.0 out of 5 if measuring ease of use. The interface of the apps remains constant, so once you are familiar enough with one of the apps, that knowledge will help you to learn the other apps faster. Some apps do have a steeper learning curve, though you’ll understand most of them pretty fast. All of the builders provided with the apps are drag-and-drop builders that make use of blocks and elements to create stuff.

The best way to learn about GrooveFunnels features is to learn all you can about the individual apps and all they have to offer, and that is exactly what we are going to do next. We will learn about all the products that come together to give birth to GrooveFunnels. GrooveDigital hosts live webinars from time to time to provide insightful tutorials on using GrooveFunnels, and you can sign up for GrooveFunnels’ webinar with Simon Leung.

Now, what do you get when you sign up for Groove Funnels?

Because the project is still in development right now, there’s no easy way to tell how many apps you will eventually get with Groove Funnels, but what is certain right now is that you will get access to 20 apps in total when you sign up. Some of these apps are still in development though, but they already have a timeline for the release of these applications and I must say the execution of these projects has been rather fast and impressive.

What Apps Makeup GrooveFunnels?

Here are the apps that are currently in GrooveFunnels:

1. GroovePages

What Is GroovePages

Groove Pages is that part of Groove Funnels with the sole aim of creating landing pages or complete websites. You can build a single or multi-page site using the drag-and-drop builder on the left sidebar of the page or just use the templates that I explained below.

i.) Landing Pages Templates

There are many templates to choose from if you want to create a single-page site, usually called a landing page. Most of them look great and are well put together. At the time of writing this, I counted over one hundred and eighty (180) templates for landing pages, although most of them are premium. Only a few of these templates are available to free users, but they look great even if they aren’t many. Now you can make use of these landing pages for purposes such as promoting a lead magnet; scheduling bookings, and meetings; upsells; lead generation, opt-ins; startups, etc.

ii.) Complete Site Templates

These are… Well, you guessed right- something like a complete website. If you want to create a complete website using a template, this is the part of groove pages you should use. At the time of writing this GrooveFunnels review, the number of templates that I counted was 10, but that is bound to change later on. It’s not as if you have to make use of these templates to build your sites, but I just feel they make the process a lot faster. The templates that are available right now are for a life coach and speaker, digital agency websites; real estate websites, restaurant websites; technology company websites, to name but a few. You can always modify any of those to suit your taste even if the template isn’t for your business type.

iii.) Funnels Templates

These are templates that are specifically designed for building pages and sites that are meant to be part of a sales funnel and selling. The funnel templates here are quite a few, but with time they should add more templates to make building these funnels less tasking. There are templates for all sorts of funnels to include:

  • Advertorial
  • Agency
  • Automotive & Cards
  • Booking / Scheduling
  • Business / Corporate
  • Coaches
  • Contest or Giveaway
  • Courses / Training
  • Cross-Sell pages
  • DownSell pages
  • Upsell pages
  • E-Commerce one-product pages
  • E-Book
  • Event
  • Free Resource or download
  • Checkout pages
  • Consultation funnels
  • Food & Beverage websites for restaurants
  • Health & Fitness funnels
  • Lifestyle & Blogging
  • Long-form sales letter
  • Newsletter Opt-in
  • Offer, Discount, or Coupon
  • Optin funnels
  • Real estate funnels
  • Retail websites
  • Service & Maintenance websites
  • Sign-up/login pages
  • Startup website
  • Thank you pages
  • Travel website
  • Webinar funnel


The Drag and Drop Builder

As you can see in the screenshot below, the drag and drop builder allows you to quickly let you put together a page or a group of pages to make a funnel. There are elements that you can mix till the page looks like you want it to. You can also make use of pre-designed blocks to quickly throw your landing page or funnel together.

Opera Snapshot 2021 11 16 092435

About Publishing Your GroovePages

There is a menu bar on the header of the GroovePages builder that comprises menu items like undo, redo, view, publish, etc. just as it is in the picture below.

When you are done making all the necessary fine-tuning and adjustments to your pages, you simply hit the button that says publish, and your brand new page(s) is (are) ready, and you, my friend, just did something extraordinary!

Can we take a look at GrooveSell now? Oh, just stay with me, I know it’s a long way down but bear with me.

GroovePages Pros

  • There are more than enough templates to choose from to start creating either landing pages or complete websites.
  • The drag and drop builder is visually appealing, and the interface of GroovePages is beautiful and works as expected.
  • The elements and the overall components of the website builder are well thought out and useful.
  • The presence of blocks in the builder makes creating pages a whole lot faster. Instead of making use of elements all the time, you can simply drag and drop predefined blocks.

GroovePages Cons

  • There aren’t so many templates available to free users; you may need to upgrade to the premium plan to make use of a template you like. This isn’t a new trend though, so no surprise here.
  • The possibility of organizing images and assets into virtual project folders is not available as of the time of writing this GrooveFunnels review
  • GDPR compliance has not been implemented yet while I am writing this GrooveFunnels review; I hope they do so soon.
  • No search feature to quickly filter templates by keywords; you have to scroll through them.
  • No A/B testing for funnels while writing this GrooveFunnels review.
  • Couldn’t find a sitemap generator as of the time of writing this.

Do I recommend GroovePages?

Absolutely, YES!

2. GrooveKart


GrooveKart is for online sellers, and it’s dedicated to e-commerce. If you intend to sell physical products online, GrooveKart is a product that will serve that purpose. Now, let’s take an in-depth look at what GrooveKart is made of; the nuances, and how well it can serve your needs.

You can click on the tab that says GrooveKart to access Groovekart from the main GrooveFunnels dashboard, and once you do this, the first thing you notice is a page where you can create a new store. If you are a free user, you can create a new store every thirty days; this means if you want to create more than one store, you need to upgrade your account to the premium plan.

After you create a store, what’s next?

You are taken to the dashboard of GrooveKart where you can manage every detail that has to do with your newly created store.

Now, let’s have a look at the dashboard of GrooveKart, and how to set up your shop.

a.) My Products

GrooveFunnels Review | GrooveKart

I’m sure you probably guessed what’s happening here already. If your guess is the area to add products, well, aren’t you a genius? You got it right! This is the place to add your products, pictures, descriptions, pricing details, etc. Also, you can access contextual menus like manage tags, manage variants, manage bran, and export products on the header of the page.

b.) Categories

Categories in the second submenu you will find under the products tab. What you do here is simple; you can add the categories of your products here. Imagine you’re selling fashion items, here you can create categories for men, women, types of wear, etc. The products you are selling are going to fall under a unique category, subcategory, or sometimes have categories that intersect.

While adding categories, you have the option of making one category a parent to another category. For example, let’s say there is a category that says men, you can make that parent of a category that says shoes. So, the shoe category is going to be a subcategory (child) of men which is the parent category.

For every category you create, you have the option of adding descriptions and a friendly URL for search engine optimization.

c.) Discounts

“Discounts” is the submenu link to access the area dedicated to the creation of coupon codes. You can easily create coupon codes by making use of this submenu. After accessing this submenu, you gain access to further links that are useful in editing the details of the coupon, the conditions that will make it active, if you want to offer free shipping, etc. The discounts submenu is for creating promotions.

POD and Dropshipping (still under the products tab)

Now, this part is going to be the favorite of print-on-demand merchants. The Print on Demand is meant to help you find products that you can dropship by making use of integrated services that are already provided by GrooveKart. Let’s take a look at the integrations available.

POD and Dropshipping Apps

d.) The Layer App

GrooveKart Layer App
GrooveKart’s Layer App

This is a personal favorite because it’s something you won’t find anywhere else. I have seen apps that are aimed at making the process of designing print-on-demand products streamlined, but nothing like the Layer App. The Layer App is meant to create unique designs of fashion products by layering the designs you upload on the product mockups already provided in the Layer App to create unique designs that can be printed all over the fashion items and accessories you have in your store.

e.) GK Ali-Connect

This is a plugin developed by the team behind GrooveKart to automate the process of finding and importing products from AliExpress.

f.) TeeScape

TeeScape was originally a fulfillment app for Shopify which makes it possible for its users to design and automate the fulfillment of print-on-demand apparel. It’s now a third-party print demand and fulfillment service provider that is being integrated with GrooveKart.

g.) Dropified

If you’ve ever heard about apps like Oberlo, or Modalyst for Shopify, then you’ve probably heard of Dropified. Dropified is a Shopify app that automates the importation and fulfillment of your products from sites like AliExpress and eBay. No more copy and pasting order details. Easily send them right to your AliExpress and eBay suppliers. Dropified also facilitates the discovery of profitable products for your store with its AliExtractor research tool. I sincerely hope GrooveKart will integrate with apps like Spocket in the future, in addition to all these available integrations.

This is what Dropified has to say about itself.

Dropified is The Only Fully Automated Drop Shipping App On The Market That Takes Order Fulfillment (and More) from 17 minutes Per Product – to Just A Few Seconds.

With Dropified’s powerful automation, you’ll free up at least 20 hours a week… so you can spend that precious time with your family (or yourself).

Easy Add and Ship Products:

No more hours wasted manually adding products to your eCommerce store Time Savings

No more messy spreadsheets placing orders Earn More Money

No more managing all your orders No more grunt work in your dropshipping business!

h.) Slingly

I checked the website of Slingly out and I found out that it’s by invitation only as I write this. Slingly is just like the previous apps that I’ve mentioned but claims to integrate with more platforms than just Shopify or GrooveKart.

These are some of the texts that describe what Slingly does as found on Slingly’s website.

Start Selling Fast: Your brand new store can be FULL of products to sell in just a few days.

Add Products With 1 Click: Add new Done-For-You P.O.D designs and physical products to your store with 1 click.

Fulfill Orders Automatically: Auto-fulfillment means you NEVER have to lift a finger to fulfill a single order from your eCom store

​Advanced eCom Training: Take your store to 6 figures and BEYOND with our advanced eCom training from proven 6-figure and 7-figure eCom store owners.

i.) Groove Marketplace

I’ll still take a look at Groove Marketplace towards the end of this GrooveFunnels review, so you can just scroll down right now if that’s something you’d like to see (careful, it’s a long way down!). For now, this is a brief explanation of what you can do on the Groove Marketplace by the folks at GrooveKart themselves:

  • Find unique and awesome designs to purchase. You can put them on apparel to sell to your customers royalty-free while you keep all the profit.
  • You can find designs to be used for LayerApp, GrooveDrop, Slingly, and Teescape. And remember. You can always use the GrooveKart Product-Design-Tool to create your designs to use on apparel with LayerApp, GrooveDrop, Slingly, and Teescape. Just click on the T-Shirt icon in the top left panel of your Groove Kart dashboard.

j.) Printful

Printful is a pretty robust print-on-demand service provider that has many useful tools that you can make use of and also integrates well with many other platforms such as Shopify, Prestashop, SquareSpace, ShipStation, Wix, Weebly, BigCartel, etc.

Printful also provides other services apart from print on demand: fulfillment and warehousing, creative services, store setup services, etc.

k.) Pure and Well

GrooveKart Health and Wellness | GrooveFunnels Review
GrooveKart Health and Wellness

If you are selling products in the health and nutrition niches, Pure and Well is a plugin that allows you to import products to your store from Pure and Well, a leading manufacturer of vitamins, minerals, and supplements, sports nutrition, skincare products, etc. Pure and Well was founded and is headquartered in the United Kingdom. You need to apply for a special credit card processing account to use Pure and Well, and you can start that process from your GrooveKart dashboard.

About Fulfilling Orders

The third tab on the GrooveKart dashboard is ‘orders’ where you manage and respond to things like your orders, abandoned carts, customers, and helpdesk. Orders are the sales you’ve made. Abandoned carts are those that didn’t complete a purchase. The customer’s submenu shows the details of all your customers, while the helpdesk is your support desk.

GrooveKart Settings

This is the fourth tab on the GrooveKart dashboard and it comprises the following:

  • Store Information to enter details about your store like name, location, etc.
  • Payment Gateway to set up your payment gateways.
  • Shipping to manage your shipping terms and details.
  • Taxes to enable or disable tax for your store. You can manually add taxes, automatically calculate taxes for the United States and Canada, or use TaxJar which is the recommended solution by GrooveKart.
  • International Settings to manage country, language, currencies of the store, zones, and states.
  • Staff Accounts to add employees to your store.
  • Domain to connect your custom domain name.
  • Mail Templates to write and design the mail templates that will be used at every point in time and every action your customer takes such as when they buy, order confirmation, when there’s a payment error, etc.
  • Pixel, Feeds, and Embeds is where you add tracking codes like javascript to enable features like Facebook Pixel, Facebook Products Feed, Google Analytics, Google Merchant Feed, and Sitemaps.
  • Email Marketing to connect your mail service providers like ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, Sendgrid, and Klaviyo. You can also manage your subscription forms and export your email lists here.

GrooveKart Apps

This is the fifth tab on the GrooveKart dashboard. It contains submenus like App Manager, Designer App, and GrooveQuiz. Let’s take them one by one.

a.) App manager

This is a suite of mostly third-party apps that extend the functionality and capacity of GrooveKart. You’ll find the following apps:

  • Shopify Migration Tool to migrate your account from Shopify to GrooveKart.
  • Tax Jar integration for managing taxes.
  • Product Reviews to manage product reviews and based on reviews admin can provide incentives to the customers.
  • Chatra Live Chat (FREE) allows your customers to communicate with you live. This will result in higher sales, greater conversions, and most importantly greater overall customer retention and satisfaction.
  • Social Proof Pop-Ups to Increase your customer call to action by having recently purchased items pop up at the bottom left of their screen.
  • Winner Coupon to Show a Winner Coupon on your website.
  • Spin Wheel to capture more email addresses with Gamification. The Spin wheel helps you capture the email addresses of customers who are about to leave your website without making a purchase. It also offers them a coupon code which will increase the odds of a purchase.
  • GDPR options for General Data protection regulation. Bring your store into compliance with the GDPR!
  • ReviewTrust Integration Integration with popular service ReviewTrust.
  • MailChimp Integration to integrate with a popular service used for Email marketing.
  • Rontar Integration: Rontar is an ad tech company specializing in performance marketing for eCommerce and other types of businesses.
  • Klaviyo Integration to increase your average order value & volume—Klaviyo accelerates eCommerce sales. Launch sophisticated email automation in minutes. Measure & grow revenue in real-time. Custom Templates. Send Personalized Emails. Commitment-free Signup.
  • Facebook Pixels to add unlimited Facebook Pixel codes to track conversions from Facebook ads.
  • Facebook Products Feed to add unlimited Facebook Pixel codes to track conversions from Facebook ads.
  • Google Analytics to track and analyze your website traffic to measure the results of individual campaigns in real-time, compare the data to previous periods, and so much more.
  • Zapier Integration to connect your store with Zapier using the GrooveKart web service key.

b.) Designer App

GrooveFunnels Review | GrooveKart Designer App
GrooveFunnels Review | GrooveKart Designer App

The Designer app could easily be my favorite of all the features that I’ve tried in GrooveKart because it’s just so intuitive to use. You can make use of the designer app to create product mockups like apparel, mugs, arts, snickers, phone cases, etc. This is a super useful tool that I just find amazing in addition to the previous apps like Layer App and other integrations that I’ve mentioned. Kudos to the team behind GrooveKart for this brilliant and innovative idea.

c.) GrooveQuiz

GrooveQuiz is a submenu of the Apps tab of GrooveKart. What can you do here? It’s simple, you can create quizzes and surveys. It is generally believed in eCommerce and IM circles that leads who invest some of their time in quizzes and surveys tend to convert better. After creating a quiz here, you can then offer a coupon to anyone who scores above the benchmark. That’s a pretty solid marketing tactic, I must say.

GrooveKart Pros

  • Extensive integrations that make running your eCommerce tore effortless.
  • The Layer App is a very creative move by GrooveKart.
  • You can set up your store and start selling within minutes.
  • The interface is pretty easy to navigate.
  • There is PayPal if you like to make use of it.
  • The store builder app is pretty easy to use for moderately tech-savvy folks.

GrooveKart Cons

  • Not many payment processing options available. There are only GroovePay and PayPal available as I write this, although GroovePay integrates with many other processors. That will be sorted with time I hope because it’s one step at a time.

3. GrooveSell

If you’ve ever been on websites like JVZoo, WarriorPlus, and PartnerStack, you’ll find it easy to understand what GrooveSell is all about. GrooveSell is that part of GrooveFunnels that is dedicated to vendors that have (mostly digital) products that are about to launch or already launched and would like to leverage the nuanced capabilities that GrooveSell provides to sell their products.

Just like the previous sites that I’ve mentioned (JVZoo, etc.), GrooveSell is also meant to facilitate a great relationship between vendors and the ever-cool affiliates. One thing that is worth noting is that GrooveSell and GrooveAffiliates share very similar dashboards and are interwoven. It takes just the click of a button to switch between these dashboards; in fact, you could say they are two sides of the same coin, and you would be right.

GrooveSell Dashboard

GrooveSell Dashboard
GrooveSell Dashboard

When you open the app, you’re taken to a dashboard that displays stats of your recent activities either as an affiliate or a vendor. On the left sidebar of the page, you have access to a little button (an inverted triangle) that is used to switch between the affiliate and vendor dashboards as shown below:

As I mentioned earlier, there isn’t much difference between the dashboard for affiliates and the one for vendors, just nuances. These are the menu items (links) you find on a vendor’s dashboard:

Setting Up Your GrooveSell Products

  • Info

Details like product name, internal name, and description are added here, and you also get to specify whether it’s the main product or an upsell.

  • Pricing

This is where you enter details about your product’s price(s). This can be a one-time payment or a recurring payment (subscription-based).

  • Payment Gateway

You make use of this to set up a payment system that you want to make use of to process payments for that product.

  • Content

You will find things like support info, sales page (you should have created this already by making use of GroovePages), refund period, and thank you page here.

  • Checkout

This is where you design your checkout page, and you’ll find parameters like look and feel, form fields; express checkout, cart abandonment; custom CSS/tracking, legal; language, and compliance.

  • Offer Bumps

Do you want to offer other products alongside the main product you are offering? You can add more offers to your main product here. Your buyer just selects the products he is interested in to create a bundle.

  •  Funnels

You can choose to leave only the main product you are selling by just showing a thank you page after a purchase has been made, or you can direct your customer to a page with an upsell, If this is something you’d like to do, you can achieve it right here.

  •  Fulfillment

You get to specify the way the product will be delivered to your customer after the purchase is completed. As of the time of writing this GrooveFunnels review, GrooveFunnels doesn’t automate the delivery of digital products or integrated memberships. You have three options when on this tab: to specify your product as no access page for physical goods, a downloadable file for digital delivery (still under works), and an integrated membership for membership programs (still under development),

  • Affiliates

This is where you choose whether you want affiliates to be granted access to promote the product or not. It’s as simple as that.

  • Proof Widget

This could have been called Social Proof Widget to make it more self-explanatory. That’s something to show that people are interacting with, and are purchasing your product.

Have you ever been on a website where you see notifications about someone from some place just signing up or buying something from that website? That’s what the proof widget does. It’s a marketing tactic to gain the trust of customers, and I can tell you that it works.

Would you like to throw some of that into your mix? Then use the proof widget.

GrooveSell Affiliate Portals & Tools

You create assets that your affiliate partners will make use of to promote your product here. You can create things like banners, email swipes, blog reviews, articles, etc. “Affiliate portals and tools” is the second submenu item in the funnels section and it is further divided into the following sections:


These are promotional content that your affiliate partners can send to their email lists.

Blog Reviews

Do you want to help them out with content that they can use as reviews on their blogs? Go on and add some here.


Articles are, well, they are for text-based content marketing; something your affiliate partners might find useful.


These are graphic assets that your affiliate partners can place on their blogs and websites as adverts for your products.

Thank You Page Ads

A thank you page ad is a message displayed to a customer, user, or site visitor after completing a particular action. So, instead of an affiliate making use of their message, they redirect to a thank you page designed by you that subtly suggests or recommends your product as a vendor.

Logout Page Ads

When a user logs out of their account on any website, they are redirected to your page, and that is a logout page ad.

Social Media

These are sales copies that can be shared on social media.

Video Reviews

This simply means video content created by you or users of your product where it’s being reviewed as a marketing tactic. You provide these so your affiliates can make use of them to promote your product.

Facebook Ads

These are sales copies that your affiliates can share with their Facebook friends, pages, and groups to that they belong.


Signatures that your affiliates can add to emails they send out to their contacts.

  • Coupons

Coupons are codes that you offer as a vendor to your affiliates so they can offer their buyers special discounts.

You find the following fields under the coupons menu item:


You enter the information about the coupon here.


Here you enter the code you want to set for the coupon and the discount type, maybe it’s a specific amount that you are taking off the price of the product or a percentage of the price of the product.


You get to select the product(s) that the coupon code is going to work for here.

Advanced Settings

You choose the kind of payment the discount applies to, be it first payment, all payments, etc., and the expiration date of the code, that if it’s intended to be a temporary coupon.


Well, there’s nothing else to this, it means what it says: finish!

GrooveSell Settings Page

This is where you configure things like a payment gateway to accept payments,  self-billing for customers, and sales tax.

GrooveSell Pros

  • As you can see from every element, link, and tab of the interface I described, it’s obvious that GrooveFunnels is a very robust software package that will serve almost all your needs as a digital marketer, or merchant. You’ll find almost all the features you need.
  • The interface is easy on the eyes and not clumsy at all.
  • You can fine-tune the available parameters to a very large extent to make them serve your needs.
  • Every element that I tested worked perfectly okay even though it’s still in beta; this means it’s pretty stable as it is now.
  • Managing  “affiliates and promo tools” is intuitive, well thought out, and laid out.
  • It’s free as of the time I’m writing this.

GrooveSell Cons

  • The placement of some tabs, elements, and links is not at all intuitive. They are not where I would expect them to be.
  • No multilanguage site support while writing this.


4. Groove Affiliates

Groove Affiliates

GrooveAffiliates is that part of GrooveFunnels that is dedicated to all the JVs out there. It is a complementary app to GrooveSell and is easily accessible from the GrooveSell dashboard with the click of a button.

GrooveAffiliates Pros

  • Every basic tool you need as an affiliate is already provided right out of the box.
  • Ability to create custom tracking links.
  • The interface is simple enough to understand quickly for affiliates.

GrooveAffiliate Cons

  • There aren’t stats that I feel most affiliates would like to see at a glance as for the products listed on the affiliate marketplace. The conversion rate of products in percentage, refunds in percentage, verticals, and commission structure. The stats presented need to be reviewed and some really important ones added. I’m pretty sure many affiliates are used to seeing these stats in percentages, instead of having to figure them out by looking at the sales numbers.
  • The payment methods available as of the time of writing this GrooveFunnels review are limited. Only Paypal and Bankwire payment methods are available for payouts. The more the payment methods, the better for affiliates.

Do I recommend GrooveAffiliates?

Short answer: YES.

5. GrooveMail

Groove Mail

Here’s one part of GrooveFunnels I’m sure the email marketers will be keen on knowing as much as they can about.

What is GrooveMail?

GrooveMail is that part of GrooveFunnels that is meant to manage your mailing needs. This is where you can import your email lists, send bulk emails, add sender addresses, and automate your email sequences by making use of the autoresponder and automation that GrooveMail provides.

GrooveMail Pros

  • The interface of GrooveMail is easy to navigate.
  • Every feature that I tested worked as it was supposed to.
  • Even though there are still features that are lacking in GroveMail, it is still feature-rich as it is.
  • It’s capable and powerful enough to serve your mailing and autoresponder needs.
  • The automation feature is a very useful one that will prevent repetitive tasks.

GrooveMail Cons

  • No Zapier integration as of the time of writing this GrooveFunnels review.
  • Cannot clone broadcast emails at the time of this GrooveFunnels review.
  • There is no means of sending a preview test email before sending an actual broadcast as of the time of writing this GrooveFunnels review.
  • You can’t design aesthetically pleasing and visual email templates by making use of a drag-and-drop builder like GroovePages.

6. Groove Video

Groove Video

GrooveVideo is dedicated to hosting and storing your videos. The tabs you find on GrooveVideo are few because all you need GrooveVideo for is just to store your videos. Now, let’s take a look at the tabs and features of GrooveVideo.

  With your free account, you get 15 videos to add to GrooveVideo but you pay for bandwidth by connecting an Amazon Web Services (AWS) account.

   When you upgrade and become a backer and charter member with the Platinum Lifetime offer, GrooveFunnels will give you unlimited videos and virtually unlimited bandwidth and storage. Enough for any rockstar marketer.

   Direct Response marketing has changed in the last 20 years and it would appear that GrooveDigital, doesn’t want you stuck in the past.

Groove Video Pros

  • Being able to integrate with third-party encoders is a great plus.
  • The interface is very simple to learn.
  • Integration with Amazon S3 is a pretty solid move too.

Groove Video Cons

  • The 100GB storage and bandwidth limit are very low. I hope the folks at GrooveMail would look into this, and be a bit more generous.

7. Groove Member

Groove member

GrooveMember makes it possible to own a membership site where users need to be authorized before they can gain access to some specific pieces of content. This authorization may be granted after payment has been made, or as the owner of the membership site pleases. GrooveMember allows you to gate and drip content, and you can also offer free and paid levels of access to members. You can only have up to 100 members for a free GrooveMember account.

With your free Groove account, you can use the starter version of GrooveMember.

The starter version is a lite version. It only allows you to build one online course membership with one access level to that course… Like Free or Paid but not both — and you won’t be able to set levels like Silver or Gold etc.

With the Lifetime account, you get: unlimited Portals, Memberships, Courses, Chapters… …with unlimited lessons, templates, progress bars for your users, drip content and so much more.

8. GrooveBlog


Almost everyone reading this has probably heard of WordPress or even made use of it. If you haven’t, WordPress is a CMS specifically dedicated to blogging, but capable of other things. GrooveBlog replaces WordPress with its blogging functionality. If you are interested in creating a blog on GrooveFunnels, GrooveBlog is powerful enough to host your blog.

If you are wondering which is better for blogging between GrooveBlog and WordPress, the truth is you’d hardly find any software that is extensible and more optimized for blogging than WordPress. There are just tons of plugins that you can use to extend the functionality of WordPress.

For a simple blog with SEO features out of the box, GrooveBlog will serve you just fine. You neither have to worry about the myriads of issues that often plague WordPress nor worry about hosting your blog or its performance. Groove handles all that for you.

GrooveBlog Pros

  1. Groove hosts your blog for you, so you never have to worry about hosting.
  2. It simply works out of the box without any serious configuration needed.
  3. GrooveBlog comes with in-built SEO features, so you don’t need any plugins to get the basic SEO features.
  4. GrooveBlog is optimized for speed and it’s highly scalable.
  5. Groove handles the security of your website, so you can rest assured that your blog won’t be prone to hacks as it’s often the case with blogging systems like WordPress.

GrooveBlog Cons

  1. No matter how you want to look at it, you can’t compare GrooveBlog with dedicated blogging cms like WordPress in terms of customizability and extensibility.
  2. It is not open source. It is proprietary software that belongs to GrooveDigital and is a part of GrooveFunnels.

9. Groove Webinar

Groove Webinar

When you create a new webinar, you’re given the option of creating a:

  • Automated webinars: For those who want to automate their webinars. Record your webinar ones and automate the presentation or use them as evergreen webinars.
  • Live webinar (coming soon): Not live yet, but this will let you host live webinars.
  • Live streaming (coming soon): Want to expand your reach? Stream your live webinar on various social media platforms.
  • Meeting (coming soon): Schedule private meetings with your audience.

Groove Webinar Pros

  • You get UNLIMITED webinars with the lifetime plan
  • Creative ways to engage with your audience during your webinars
  • Integrates with GrooveSell (shopping cart)
  • Schedule recurring webinars once and for all
  • Flawless integration with GroovePages and Funnels

Groove Webinar Cons

  • You need to connect to Amazon s3 to upload your video files.

10. Groove Copy Pro

Your business depends on words. Words that sell, inspire, and engage.

Words that bring you greater profits, and transform the lives of your customers and prospects.

That’s why you need GrooveCopyPro.

Groove Copy Pro

The Rest of GrooveFunnels

After we’ve taken a thorough look at the apps that make up GrooveFunnels, let’s take a look at some other stuff.

The Groove App Store is the official app store of GrooveFunnels. This is where apps developed by developers to integrate with Groovefunnels will be listed for sale, or for free (depends on the developer). As you have for WordPress Plugins, Shopify Apps, Android Apps, etc., these created apps will run on GrooveFunnels.

If you are a developer or SAAS provider, you should keep a close watch on the release of Groove SDK/API as it’s not available right now. You can go here to view the development timeline.

Services offered by Groove Digital

GroovePay is Groove Digital’s in-house payment processing service just like Stripe and PayPal. They offer merchants a payment processing platform to make use of their online businesses. They claim their approval is pretty fast and GroovePay works with every platform and gateway like, NMI, and more. If you’d like to get a GroovePay merchant account, first sign up for a GrooveFunnels account, and then apply for a GroovePay merchant account.

Groove Solos are simply solo ads, just like what Udimi offers. They already have fully segmented and profiled email lists they can send your ads to for specific prices that you’ll pay to them. Solo Ads is just you leveraging another person’s email lists to advertise your products and services, and that is what Groove Solos is all about.

With Groove Solos you can send your email to an existing list of targeted subscribers, and they promise your offer will be sent to the most responsive subscribers available, and they claim to have the highest repeat customer retention rate in the industry

Groove Ads is a complete advertising solution. Groove Ads prides itself on a full-service advertising agency specializing in Facebook, Google, and Youtube advertising. In addition to managing your ads, they can also build and conversion test your funnels.

The Marketplace


The Marketplace is divided into two: Affiliate Marketplace and Groove Marketplace.

The Affiliate Marketplace

The Affiliate Marketplace is the place for affiliates to find affiliate products to promote. It works the same way as JVZoo, Partnerstack, Impact, and other affiliate networks like them. You can apply to promote any product available for promotion on the Affiliate Marketplace as an affiliate. The products you’ll find on the Affiliate Marketplace can be anything from digital courses to designs, to best-selling membership programs like Groovesters Ascend which you can promote as an affiliate. That’s a brief introduction to Groove Affiliate Marketplace.

The Groove Marketplace is where you can buy products that are listed on the marketplace like Amazon. Can you see the difference? The Affiliate Marketplace is for affiliates to find products to promote, while Groove Marketplace is for everybody to find products like Layer App designs, freelance services like you would on Fiverr, courses and educational content like you would find on Thinkific, and the list goes on. With time the marketplace will grow to offer more products from different verticals, and vast niches.

Groove Digital Academy is Groovesters’ most valuable resource for to access marketing training, webinar replays, and courses. Every member is entitled to a free account. Live training is hosted every Tuesday for GrooveFunnels, and on Thursday for GrooveKart which is now part of GrooveFunnels suite of apps. You can create an account on Groove Digital Academy if that sounds cool to you.

Do you need help with anything at all? You can access articles, videos, and more resources that will help you solve most problems you may encounter with GrooveFunnels. Every form of support you need to make your experience with GrooveFunnels a pleasant one is already provided on the Groove Support portal. If your problem isn’t listed in the videos or faqs, just create a ticket, and a customer support agent will reach out to you to assist you further.

If you’ve been following, you will remember I promised to answer more frequently asked questions about GrooveFunnels towards the end of this GrooveFunnels review. Now, let’s see what the questions and answers are.

GrooveFunnels FAQ

Is GrooveFunnels a Legit Affiliate Marketing Platform?

Yes, GrooveFunnels is a legit affiliate marketing platform, you can either promote GrooveFunnels itself or find products in the Affiliate Marketplace to promote. Please note that the GrooveFunnels affiliate program makes use of the first tag wins policy, which means a lead is locked to an affiliate that first sends him to GrooveFunnels irrespective of when the lead finally becomes a paying customer.

What’s the difference between GrooveFunnels and ClickFunnels?

The difference between them is that ClickFunnels has been around for way longer than GrooveFunnels, is more expensive, more popular, and maybe easier to learn for some folks. GrooveFunnels on the other hand offers more features for less money (is particularly generous with its pricing plans), is built on recent technology, has some of the best software developers working on it, faster, and serves its purpose well.

Is the GrooveFunnels Platinum upgrade worth the money?

Considering all the features and benefits you’ll be getting that we’ve already discussed above, yes, GrooveFunnels Platinum is worth the upgrade in my opinion.

Is GrooveFunnels Legit?

Without mincing words, the answer is a capital YES, GrooveFunnels is legit. You don’t even need to read all of this review to know that. I’ve put it out there already; it is legit, and not a Ponzi scheme or any crazy stuff like that. People only got this notion because of the backers’ plan that GrooveDigital launched to raise funds for the building of GrooveFunnels.

Is GrooveFunnels a good alternative to ClickFunnels and LeadPages?

With every feature app that has already been released and even more features in the pipeline that are being rolled out gradually, it’s safe to say GrooveFunnels is a good alternative to ClickFunnels and LeadPages. In addition to that, they offer the best deal ever right now.

What’s the difference between GrooveKart, GrooveFunnels, and GroovePages?

It’s simple
GrooveFunnels is the umbrella that covers all the apps. GrooveKart, GroovePages, and the rest are all referred to as GrooveFunnels.
GrooveKart is the part of GrooveFunnels that is dedicated to selling physical products online. It’s a full-fledged eCommerce store builder like Shopify, Americommerce, or even PrestaShop.
GroovePages on the other hand is a landing page/full website builder, just like Wix.

How do people make money with GrooveFunnels?

There are many ways you can make money with GrooveFunnels.
You can create a membership site and sell courses or pieces of educational content with GrooveMembers.
You can promote GrooveFunnels itself as an affiliate.
You can sell physical and print-on-demand products with GrooveKart
You can sell your freelance services on Groove Marketplace.
You can sell your designs on Groove Marketplace.
You can develop and put your apps on Groove Apps.
You can become a GrooveFunnels specialist helping people with making use of GrooveFunnels.
… and the list goes on.

Is GrooveFunnels valuable for newbies?

The people who are new to making money online should be the ones who shouldn’t miss the priceless opportunity that GrooveFunnels is offering them to get a free account. Why? Because this makes it very easy for them to test the waters and get started without paying anything or risky anything at all. If you are a newbie and a reader of this blog, then you are interested in making money online. I don’t want this window of a cool opportunity to close on you as a Centopedian, please try and at least grab a free account now, and then think about how to make use of it later

How does GrooveFunnel help in promoting products from Clickbank, Digistore24, and WarriorPlus?

Yes, GrooveFunnels has cutting-edge marketing tools to improve your sales, but you must note that making it as an affiliate marketer is dependent on the tools you make use of, but more importantly on your creativity and marketing skills.
So, what GrooveFunnels does is give you the tools you need to excel as a marketer, e-commerce seller, agency, company, or entrepreneur. How you make use of those tools will eventually be up to you, and the results will depend on your efforts.

Do I need WordPress to create a website on GrooveFunnels?

No, GrooveFunnels and WordPress are two different things entirely. You don’t need another CMS to make use of GroovePages, not WordPress, or any other for that matter.

Is GrooveFunnels Better Than ClickFunnels

Based on the fact that GrooveFunnels is built on recent technology by some of the best programmers in the world, and also extremely cheap compared to other funnel builders (ClickFunnels included), I am tempted to say that; however, you should check out the two funnel builders to see the one that you feel more comfortable using. Try ClickFunnels for free and also get a free GrooveFunnels account. That’s just the best way to go about it in my opinion: first-hand experience, and you have a great deal of time to do that since it has a free version. Just play w

If you plan to use GrooveFunnels for a long time, avoid having to pay for the monthly subscriptions by getting the lifetime account. That’s much smarter and cost-efficient in my opinion!

Go break new limits, move mountains, and remain ever cool. Till next time…


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