Boxabl Houses Prices and Costs (Important Details)

Innovations will never cease in our world. One of the leading innovators in the United States today is Boxabl, a designer and manufacturer of prefab homes based in Las Vegas. The company is doing something revolutionary. Boxabl is trying to make the process of constructing a house from the ground up as fast and efficient as possible. If you are interested in learning about the Boxabl 2-story casita, you can read more about it here.

If you’ve ever wondered what the Boxabl floor plan looks like, that’s what you’re looking at in the picture below. It doesn’t end there, this article will answer most questions you may have about Boxabl homes; just read till the end. If there’s anything you think we haven’t covered, drop it in the comment section, and we’ll be sure to provide answers in subsequent updates and articles.

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Boxabl floor plan

If you are thinking about buying a Boxabl home, we will furnish you with the right information to help make your purchasing decision easier. You can learn more about the Boxa

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Now, let’s address some of the questions you may be yearning to ask.

What Is Boxabl?

Boxabl is a company that manufactures prefab homes in form of building modules that can be unfolded and connected on-site.

What Is a Boxabl Home?

A Boxabl home is a single unit of the Boxabl casitas (prefab homes). Boxabl offers a 375-foot module design, but it is possible to stack or connect modules in order to create a larger home for buyers.

The Casita model designed and manufactured by Boxabl features sliding glass doors, shaker cabinets, and exotic flooring of wide planks.

You might wonder what Boxabl casitas are made of.

A single unit of Boxabl casita is constructed of steel, concrete, and EPS foam. Also included are structurally laminated panels, which make Boxabl homes stronger and longer-lasting than average buildings.

One distinct feature of Boxabl casitas is that they allow homeowners to save on energy costs by using their advanced insulation technology and LED lighting. Perfect for those who love to live frugally; little wonder Elon Musk owns a Boxabl home.

Now, let’s address some of the questions you may be yearning to ask.

How Much Does a Boxabl House Cost?

Boxabl casita costs about $145 – $265+ per sqft; totaling about $54,500 – $99,500+ per 375 square feet that they offer, and you can only reserve or preorder a prefab home through their website.

How Much Does a Boxabl Weigh?

A Boxable unit weighs about 8,000 to 12,000 pounds. It’s reasonably priced and easy to transport.

What Is Boxable Home Square Footage?

Boxabl’s home’s square footage is 375 square feet.

When Did Boxabl Start?

Boxabl started in the year 2017 in Las Vegas where it’s headquartered.

Can I Invest in Boxabl?

Sure you can. Boxabl is currently selling shares to fund growth you can learn more here:

Does Boxabl Have Other Sizes and Floor Plans?

No, not right now, but Boxabl has assured its customers that it will include new room modules with different floor sizes such as 20 by 20, 20 by 30, 20 by 40, and 20 by 60. This will be made known to the public as soon as production starts.

When will Boxabl be Available?

Even though Boxabl still has a lot to do in terms of scaling its production and manufacturing more units of casitas, you can always preorder by joining the waitlist on its website.

How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Boxabl Unit?

A rough budget you should have for shipping might be $3-$8/mile from Las Vegas. Boxabl assures that they can ship anywhere in the world. You can make a reservation here.

Does Boxabl Ship International or Overseas?

You can rest assured that if you pay the shipping fee, Boxable will ship your package to you anywhere. You can make a reservation by visiting their order page and discussing your needs further.

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Does Boxabl Set up the House?

Boxabl has made it clear that they only sell the room modules, but they will connect you with a certified and state-licensed installer in your area to install the modules for you.

How Much Will it Cost to Setup a Boxabl?

Boxabl makes it clear that the Boxabl Casita does not include the cost of land and site setup. This can include utility hookups, foundations, landscaping, permits, and more. Depending on your location and the complexity of your site, your budget should be within the $5,000 and $50,000 range.

Can Boxabl Finance Your Home?

Yes! Even though Boxabl may not necessarily be the one to finance your home, they sure connect their customers with their financing partners. Many loan options are available. Before Boxabl finalizes your Box order, its financing partners will contact you to discuss loan options. Financing your Boxabl with the standard 30-year mortgage is indeed possible.

What Are Boxabl Casitas Made of?

Boxabl prefab homes are made of concrete, steel, and EPS foam. These quality building materials don’t degrade with time, so you can rest assured that a Boxabl casita will last you a lifetime. The walls, floor, and roof of Boxabl are structurally laminated panels and are generally more robust than the average building.

Are Boxabl Casitas Wind Resistant?

As part of Boxabl’s quality assurance standard procedures, Boxabl Casitas are rated for hurricane-speed winds, and they can handle the worst wind conditions in North America.

Are Boxabl Casitas Flood Resistant?

The building materials that Boxabl uses are less likely to be damaged by flood or grow mold. Boxabl doesn’t use common lumber or sheetrock.

Can Boxabl Casitas Handle Snow?

Yes, Boxabl Casitas is snow-load rated.

Are Boxabl Casitas Energy Efficient?

Because of the high R-value insulation, tight building envelope, and limited thermal bridging, Boxable casitas are extremely energy efficient.

Boxabl Is Now Shipping Worldwide!

Is Boxabl Fire Resistant?

We can all agree that nothing is 100% fireproof, but Boxabl was engineered with fire resistance in mind. non-combustible materials are used for the finishing of the interior and exterior of Boxabl casitas. In any case, flying embers that spread forest fires won’t ignite your Boxabl. That is assured!

What Codes Do Boxabl Homes Comply With?

Boxabl Casitas come with state modular approval. This is great because it helps to prevent local inspections and the plans are pre-approved at the state level. At any given time, Boxabl buildings meet and exceed the requirements of building codes.

Are Boxabl Homes Like Manufactured, Trailer, or HUD Homes?

A higher code standard is what Boxabl homes are built upon. Boxabl homes are generally better than manufactured homes and are built to modular standards. Boxabl casitas are generally stronger than a trailer or traditional site-built home.

Is the Roof Flat?

Boxabl homes are made with a flat roof system. Based on the fact that most areas require a pitched roof, Boxabl makes provision for a plan that your installer can make use of to add the roof on-site. Boxabl recommends that you add a gutter system if you choose a flat roof.

Can Boxabl Customize Your Home for You? (Customization Services)

Boxabl is very clear about this; at the moment, they do not offer any customization service. However, you can customize your Boxabl home as you see fit once it’s delivered to you.

How Can You Buy a Boxabl Casita?

You can visit the Boxabl website to get in touch and also get a detailed guide on your local zoning, to understand what you are allowed to build, see what sort of financing you can get, and be connected with an installer who will give you a quote on install and upgrades of your Boxabl home.

Is Boxabl a Finished House?

What Boxabl sells are room modules that can quicken the build time of your home. The foundation, setup, roofing, and other finishings will be added by you. Even though Boxabl homes do have an impressive level of completion from the factory, they make it clear that you’re not buying a final installed home.

What Are the Ways in Which Utilities Are Connected?

All plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems are preinstalled in your Boxabl from the factory. Upon installation, utilities can be plugged into the exterior corner of the Boxabl as shown in the image.

Are Solar Panels or Off-grid Options Available?

Utility setup can be done however you like at your site. Water tanks and solar panels will connect to Boxabl the same way as regular utilities.

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  1. Hi,
    This is Narges from Canada, I need to know:
    1. Is it approved in Canada by municipal and government? if so, which area in Canada used the Boxable house?

    2. How does Boxable cover water, electricity, heating & cooling, lighting, and ventilation as well?

    3. What about its security and safety as well?

    I would appreciate it if you send the answers via email.

  2. Hello Narges

    I spoke to Boxabl about your request.

    First off, you can rest assured that Boxabl will ship anywhere. So far you pay for shipping, they will ship to Canada.

    About water, electricity, heating, cooling, and lighting systems, all these are pre-installed from the factory. You only need to finish things by connecting them to a source that will serve you on-site.

    Hook to connect external utilities to boxable

    External utilities will be connected to an exterior corner of the Casita, as shown in the picture above. Water tanks and solar panels can be hooked up to your Boxabl as you hook up regular utilities.

    About zoning requirements and municipal approvals, I’d advise checking with, a Boxabl partner that sorts out zoning issues for Boxabl customers. partners with manufacturers and builders to provide zoning and code research for residential and light-commercial requests related to tiny homes, ADUs, cottages, grow houses, and single-family homes in the US, Puerto Rico, and Guam.

    You can find out if they also have a presence in Canada by getting in touch with them. Please note that their service is a paid service, and here’s their website address:


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