How to Get a Boxabl House in 3 Easy Steps

What is a Boxabl Casita?

A Boxabl Casita is a foldable prefabricated home that can be shipped anywhere in the world. The company has been in the business of modular homes for more than 3 years, and they have now launched their newest product – the Boxabl Casita, which is now shipping but only available to those who pre-order on their website.

A Boxabl Casita comes with all the necessary utilities, making it easy to live in without any additional expenses. These homes are also eco-friendly and sustainable because they are made of materials that don’t degrade easily.

How to buy a Boxabl home

1. Visit the Boxabl order page

You can only order a Boxabl Casita through the order page on the official and only Boxabl website. After accessing the website, proceed with the steps below.

2. Fill in Your Correct Details

Fill in your details like full name, email, and the number of units of Boxbl homes you want to reserve.

3. Select your preferred pre-order option from the list

Scroll down the page until you see a descriptive text that says “choose one“.

The pre-order options and what they mean

Pre-order for Free – You are indeed pre-ordering a Boxabl Casita, but the only problem with this option is that you’ll be taking a place behind the last person on the queue and your order won’t be prioritized. Not something you’d want ideally except you don’t mind the time Boxabl gets to your turn.

It’s kind of understandable why Boxabl would prioritize orders like this. Any merchant would prioritize shipping a product that has been paid for above one where interest has only been shown with mere words that are not backed with any action showing true commitment.

The truth is, if you want your order to be prioritized, you are better off making a deposit.

$200 Deposit – Your name will be added to the waitlist as a serious buyer since you’ve made some kind of commitment showing you are truly ready to buy. This might be the best way to get a Boxabl home for yourself if you are short of cash now but still want to come across as a serious buyer. Boxabl team will reach out to you ASAP to discuss the next steps after your deposit and details have been received and confirmed.

$5,000 Deposit – Congrats my friend. You are the real VIP and you will be getting access to the Casita first because of the depth of your commitment. Or shall we say the depth of your pocket? Anyhow it is, the bottom line is that your order will be highly prioritized by Boxabl and you will be getting your Boxabl ADU Casita sooner than most people.

Why should you pre-order a Boxabl casita?

1. Pre-ordering the Boxabl home Casite is a smart decision for one major reason: your Boxabl Casita will be delivered to you faster. The earlier you reserve the better your chances of getting your Casita on time.

2. Pre-ordering your own Casita Home is a great way to save money and get access to the Boxabl Casita first. It might become more expensive later on if the demand for it explodes. It is real estate we are talking about here and the Boxabl Casita is a revolutionary product that might explode in popularity in the nearest future with such growth driving its prices up.

3. In addition, pre-ordering a Casita Home provides you with peace of mind knowing that you will have a place to live when you move out of your current living situation. There are many more benefits of pre-ordering a Casita Home that we can’t list here, but we encourage those who are interested in this option to contact Boxabl for more information.

Does Boxabl come furnished?

Yes, Boxabl comes furnished, most interior decorations have been meticulously put in place including flooring and the hardware on the kitchen Cabinets. When it’s delivered to you on-site, it’s set up with a Crane in a couple of hours, and everything will be ready and fully furnished for you to move in no time at all. What to do now? Visit the Boxabl website and talk to their support for further information.

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