10 Easy Ways to Turn Gift Cards into Cash

Do you wish to wish to convert your gift cards into money, but are not too sure how to get it done? Follow this simple guide to learn how to turn your gift cards at reasonable rates!

Imagine someone ordered one of the best-selling gift cards on Amazon and presented it to you as a gift for an important event or a special day in your life. You appreciate their kind gesture, but you would have liked it better if they gave you cash instead.

It happens now and then, even to the best of us, there are just times when we need cash more than anything. If we possess credit on our gift cards in times like these, we would appreciate being able to convert these gift cards into cash that we can touch.

Now, if you’d like to convert your gift cards into cash but don’t know how to go about it, you have two choices: either you spend your gift cards as they are or learn how to turn gift cards into cash. Knowing how to turn gift cards into cash isn’t as hard as some may think. You just need to gain useful knowledge on how to go about it.

Some Valid Reasons to Know How to Convert Gift Cards into Cash

1.) There’s no pressing need to solve with your gift card balance.

This is one of the reasons why it’s useful knowledge to know how to turn gift cards into cash.  Sometimes you just don’t need these gift cards like you need actual cash!

2.) There is an urgent need to convert your gift cards into cash:

Short of cash, an emergency, an unforeseen expense, or an event? I know situations like that happen from time to time, even to the best of us. At times like these, knowing how to turn gift cards into cash is super helpful.

3.) You own many gift cards already:

This is a situation that some of us have found ourselves in, especially those who take surveys and other money-making offers from panels like Survey Junkie, Toluna, Ipsos, Nielsen, and the likes. Even if gift cards are the only payment option available on these panels, you wouldn’t have to worry if you know how to convert gift cards into cash.

The methods provided in this post have a wide range of applications. It doesn’t matter how you got your gift cards; one of these methods will work for you. So, if you want to know how to convert that Mastercard, Visa, or Amazon gift card into cash or money, you are on the right page. 

Now, how do you turn your gift card into cash?

There is no clear-cut way of converting your Visa gift card into cash because you cannot use it in that manner.

Is this to say that all hope is lost, and you are stuck with the Visa gift card that you were gifted?

No, not at all. What is the point of this blog post if that was a dead-end? Pointless, I’d say.

Alright. Since we’ve gotten that out of the way, it’s time to show you how to turn your Amazon gift card into cash.

How to Turn Gift Cards into Cash

How to Turn or Convert Gift Cards into Cash

Sell on 3rd Party Sites

There are websites dedicated to the buying and selling of gift cards all over the internet. If you didn’t know, now you do! Take caution to observe that the site you want to make use of is legit because you don’t want to lose everything in the process of converting your gift card into cash. A quick Google search of the phrase “sell gift cards online” will give you enough results. I won’t recommend any website, but I will advise you to read reviews on any platform you intend to use instead. Remember to factor in the shipping costs to deliver a physical (plastic) gift card to the buyer.

List on Classifieds & eCommerce Sites

Apart from buying products with your gift cards, you can also list them on marketplaces like eBay or classifieds. You can do a little research about the best classifieds available in your region or country to effortlessly sell your gift cards online.
Although you can sell your gift cards at competitive rates this way, I would advise that you offer some kind of discount to make sales faster if you can afford to. 

Sell to Friends & Family

The easiest way to try and sell your gift card is to reach out to friends and family. There may be a friend or family member who intends to shop for stuff online, so you shouldn’t rule out the possibility of them being your buyer. Just reach out to them and try to make your offer as juicy as possible.
We all like juicy stuff and offers, right? So, if you need to let go of your gift cards, don’t be too shy to ask a friend or family if they want to buy.

Buy and Resell Products

You can easily buy any product you want on a marketplace like Amazon. You can also check out AliExpress if you prefer bargain deals or the cheapest prices available. You can make use of any of the methods below.

Buy and Resell on Marketplaces

That would seem like a no-brainer, right? Yes, you are correct because it’s one of the things that would come to your mind first when you’re trying to turn your gift cards into cash. You could buy an item online and then resell that item on an online marketplace like eBay, Letgo, Facebook Marketplace, or even to friends and families or folks around you. You only need to select the products carefully, so you can easily find buyers for them. Go for items or products that are always trending or constantly in high demand. That is the first way to trade your Visa gift card for cash.

Order Products for People

Naturally, people are always shopping for stuff from time to time. This method is similar to buying and reselling items but takes it a step further by getting a buyer before ordering any product. 
Getting a buyer first saves you the headache of not knowing whether what you wish to order will sell fast. You take away guesses and uncertainties and get some cool cash for yourself in the process. It’s a win-win! Just ask your friends and family members if they have something they wish to order, order for them, and get paid in cash. Make sure you get your money before handing over the products. It’s just a piece of friendly advice. 

Buy Money Orders

Did you know that you can purchase money orders using gift cards? An example of this is using Visa gift cards to buy money orders from the U.S. Post Office or even Wal-Mart stores. You can try this too in whichever country you live in to turn your gift cards into cash if it’s available.
If there’s cash you wish to convert into your Mastercard or VISA gift card, go to the Post Office and purchase a U.S. Postal Money Order. Endorse the postal money order to yourself, and then proceed to deposit it as cash at your bank. 
Alternatively, you can exchange this for cash at most Post Offices, assuming they have enough money on hand to cover it. A postal money order for up to $500 only costs $1.25.
You can deposit these money orders into your bank account just as you would deposit cash. Be careful with this option though too frequent money order deposits may flag your account, or worse, it can lead to the bank closing your account.

Pay Bills With Your Gift Cards

This is necessarily not converting your gift card to cash, but it can be helpful when you have bills to settle. 
Having a gift card you can spend to pay your bills is an added advantage since you have to pay your bills anyway. Start making use of those open-loop gift cards that you have gift cards lying around to settle some expenses. 
You can pay your bills with your Visa gift cards or Master gift cards. Gift cards issued by Visa or Mastercard are open-loop gift cards. These cards can be used at most merchant stores that accept Visa or Mastercard credit, prepaid, or gift cards. The next time you have a bill to pay, use your gift card.

Pay Your Invoice with Gift Card on PayPal

To do this, first, you have to make sure you have a PayPal business account and a separate personal account. After you sign up for a business account, create an invoice with the amount you’d like to credit to your PayPal account.
Now, go ahead and pay the invoice with the gift card that you want to convert to cash. You can always withdraw your PayPal funds to your linked bank account.

Add Your Gift Card Balance to Venmo

It is possible to add your Visa gift card or Mastercard gift card to your Venmo account as these cards are open-loop cards and sometimes function just as credit cards do.
Here is how to transfer a Visa gift card to your Venmo account:
Login to your Venmo account.
The second step is to click on the settings button.
The third step is to click on the payment method.
The fourth step is to click on add bank or card.
Enter Visa card details to add the card to your account.
Once you’ve added your gift card to your Venmo account, you can transfer the funds to your bank account or just use it in your Venmo wallet.

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  1. Can You Turn A Visa Gift Card Into Cash?

    Yes, it is possible to turn your Visa gift card into cash if you follow any of the methods provided in this post.

  2. Can You Get Money From Selling Your Gift Cards?

    Yes, you can get some money from selling your gift cards. Some of the ways discussed in the post will help you achieve that.

  3. How Do I Turn My Vanilla Visa Gift Card Into Cash?

    Follow any of the basic steps provided in this post to turn your Vanilla Visa gift card into cash. If it is a gift card or prepaid card, you can always try any of these methods provided.

  4. Can I Sell A Visa Gift Card To Other People?

    Absolutely, YES! You can sell your gift cards to other people if you find buyers for them. Nothing is stopping you since it is legitimately yours.

  5. How to Get Cash from a Gift Card?

    You can get cash from gift cards by selling your gift card on websites where you can trade them for cash. You can also convert them to cash in your wallets by trying the methods covered above in the post. You can sell your gift cards to friends and families.

  6. How to Get Money Off Your Gift Card?

    First, you must be the legitimate owner of the gift card. Second, confirm the balance left on the gift card. The next step is to choose your most preferred way of turning your gift card into cash. I suggest you try some of the ideas discussed in this post.

  7. Can you get money from selling your gift cards?

    Yes, you can get some cash from selling your gift cards.

  8. Can you withdraw money from the ATM with a gift card?

    No. You cannot withdraw cash from the ATM with a gift card.

Wrapping Up

There you have it! Those are some creative ways you can convert your gift cards into cash. I hope you’ve found some practical tips you can put to use.

Till next time…


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